Favorite Herbal Teas?

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking to send a gift basket of loose leaf teas to an herbal tea enthusiast. I’d love to hear what your favorites have been. There doesn’t seem to be much differentiation between them (most contain chamomile as a base..and then vary on other added botanicals).

Keen to hear standout favorites from this esteemed group.


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At the moment, this is my favourite strictly herbal tea. The flavour is nice; a good balance between sweet, floral, and savory from the basil. However the best part about it is the gorgeous purple colour that it brews up.


The colour alone makes it one of the more unique herbals I’ve ever had.

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AllanK said

If you look at the David’s Tea page for herbals you will find a large amount of rooibos based and non rooibos based herbals. Two of my favorite are Magic Dragon which I believe has dragon fruit and Cotton Candy which may still be in stock at the website.

Sadly Cotton Candy is out of stock online. Though if you’re lucky you MAY have a local store that hasn’t run out yet. Fingers crossed it comes back next year; it’s been pretty consistently popular.

My recommendation for something with a somewhat similar flavour would probably be Birthday Cake if you liked the sweet aspect of the tea or Green & Fruity if you liked the mango aspect of the blend. Although, Green & Fruity will be a lot stronger of a fruity flavour than Cotton Candy was.

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Snow Chrysanthemum and Jiaogulan (not together though!)

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