General Tea Storage?

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Keep in mind that tea is vulnerable to 5 things: air, light, odor, heat, and moisture. When tea is excessively exposed to these 5 elements, it will gradually lose flavor and become stale.

If you plan on not using your tea for a while, the best place to store it would be in double-lidded, airtight tin canisters or ceramic containers. Another very important rule to remember is to always keep tea at cool and dry places.

In general, black and oolong tea could be kept between 2-3 years under ideal conditions. Tea that is less oxidized has a shorter shelf time. Green and white tea could remain fresh for up to 2 years if stored properly.

What are your methods for storing tea!?

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Teafreak said

I typically divide my tea into two containers. I put a little bit in some small tea containers that I purchased from upton tea. Then I put the rest in another tea container that way I’m not opening the main tea container every time that I want that particular tea.

That’s actually a pretty good idea. If I had the tin-space for it, I’d probably try that out. Maybe in the future, when I’ve collected, like, 80 tins…
Actually, when I have more money I might just buy a bunch of samples from Adagio for that purpose. Thanks for the idea.

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slygirl said

The Container Store used to sell these 2oz and 4oz tins that I would store my tea in. When I went in last time they said they had discontinued them :( Luckily around that time I found some really nice canisters for half off at the Korean market and also Mighty Leaf had some reasonably priced tins. The place I hate buying tins most is Teavana because they always give you the hard sell. One time they almost charged me for a tin that I had bought—I was coming in to buy a refill and brought the tin with me.

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I like keeping my tea in tins. I have a nice dark dry cabinet that I keep my tins of tea and coffee beans, and my cooking herbs and spices (separate shelves!!). The hard to reach top of the cabinet holds the parts of my mixer and food processor that I rarely use ;)

I like keeping them this way not only because it keeps them fresh, but because I can see them all easily and decide what I’m in the mood for!

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Bethany said

Since I have 90% samples, I keep them in the small tins they came in from Adagio. Some other samples are in airtight plastic packages, which are fine for now. I only have a few larger sizes of things, and I’ve purchased airtight ceramic containers from Ikea for those – the containers are adorable, and they only cost $3 apiece for the 4oz. I’ll have to buy more soon since I have some 4oz. bags coming in!

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kat said

Wow! Thats awesome news that stored properly blacks can last 2-3 years thats great considering I’m buying so much friggin black teas lately lol.

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my tea is in all tins the ones adagio gives ya. there in a dark cabinet on the bottom shelf so i can pick what i want quickly. i have my spices on the shelf above that, and my baking goods above that.
im really glad black teas last that long :) as i have alot! lol

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Auggy said

I have a mix. If they come in a tin, I’ll leave them there. When tins become empty, other teas usually go in them. I’ve got a few airtight ceramic containers filled. And some just stay in the bags they came in because I have no more tins. Then they’re rolled over and chip clipped or binder clipped. Oh, and the little samples from the grocery store stay in their less-than-ideal plastic bags but I typically drink those quickly or transfer them to a sampler tin.

I do have the fantasy of one day having enough (matching) 3-piece canisters for all my teas to have one and for them to all have nifty little labels on them. Ah, dreams!

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I keep my teas in tins for the most part. They all have labels and live in my tea drawer in my kitchen. I have a few in ziptop bags that they came in from the vendor. I much prefer to keep my loose teas in tins. I ended up with alot of teabags. After searching for a teabag box and deciding I did not want to spend $20 or more on just an empty box, I moved my antique sewing drawer into my kitchen for the teabags and packets of hot chocolate. Works out great and the drawers are big and roomy which is great because not all teabags are created equal:)

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Cofftea said

My problem isn’t storing the tea leaves themselves. I just use the tins/packages they come in. My problem is figuring out how to find room to store all my containers!

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PeteG said

Tins that they come in usually, I do purchase some…I search out neat designs and art work. I will be doing a little re-designing of my kitchen and I plan to make a special shelf for “tea cannisters” – ceramic I hope! Until then, I have a trusty drawer which is now full! And part of my baking shelf…there is a price to this obsession…just what though?

Sarah said

A shelf just for tea canisters is a great idea! Would you kindly take a picture of it when it’s done?

PeteG said

I have to redisign the kitchen first but the shelf will eventually come, as well as a picture.

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