General Tea Storage?

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I am thrilled to report that I found my tins that I was looking for at Michaels today (in the food section by cakes and candy). I asked yesterday — looked myself (could not find them) Today I went back to look again and was able to talk to a very nice staff member who took time to help me, then showed me “just what I needed!” I am so thrilled! (with my discount coupon I am able to buy them for $.60 each).
I was just about ready to place an order with the Container Store.

teawing said

I am new to tea and saw your post. May I ask what you purchased or maybe even see a photo of the containers from Michaels? That sounds like a very cost effective solution. I need work/office storage and some containers for home.

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I know that this discussion post existed a long time ago, but we wrote a pretty simple and straight forward post on this:

hope it helps!

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I’ve had a number of emails from some new tea drinkers that received some awesome tea gifts and thought I’d write up a little something on this! Always a great reminder!

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viconyteas said

Here are some detailed information for tea storage:

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For Tea bags, but this is an interesting DIY tea box idea.

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merton said

What does everyone think of the tin canisters that have a clear top?

My tea is stored away from light, and I like the idea of being able to see the tea without having to open up the lid, especially when I am making tea for company and they can see it without having me open every container.

I ordered the breakfast collection from DAVIDsTEA, and the tins that came in the set have the clear top. I am guessing that they are fine, under the assumption that you are not storing them in direct sunlight.

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merton said

Does anyone know of any other places that sell tins like this?

I like the idea of having colored tins with the UV window on top.

I will probably order some from there, but I would like to get a variety of colors, and adagio is currently out of stock on red and blue.

What you are looking at are called “spice jars”. I saw them (all glass) at Joann’s Etc. in October. Perhaps you could by several of those and a set of acrylic paints? You could have even more awesome containers with a bit of time. I cant seem to find them on their website, so I assume they are in-store available only, but there were all sorts of sizes. Crate and Barrel has them 12 jars for $17:

Hope that helps!

If I were to try it personally, I would coat the jars with something to block UV (I’m sure there are primers that do this, but a mettalic spray paint would suffice) if I were really concerned. However I store my tea in a cabinet and it rarely is ever exposed to light. Then paint it whatever color I want, and overlay a 1″×2″ strip of chalk paint so that I could label the bottles.

Like I said I wouldn’t concern myself about getting UV blocking bottles; If they’re in a dry cabinet except when in use and in an air tight container, your tea should last just fine. I do think acrylic paint designs would look sick :) Just remember to label your tea!

merton said

@Lady 0f Spaydes

Thank you for the input!

I think for now, I am just going to order some of the colored tins from Adagio. I really like the design, I just wish they had all of the colors available.

I wish I could find more tins like this online! All I want is a colored tin with that latch/clamp type of lid and a clear lid.

I did see those create and barrel glass jars when I was searching, but I am skeptical about having to paint them myself. I also wish they were tin/metal opposed to glass.

Kiaharii said

I have so man of those tins, I love them. They’re very easy to use, to clean and they stack really well. I just put some easy-peel address labels with the tea info on the side.

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Kaylee said

Maybe I’m missing something, but is there a particular reason not to keep teas in the (opaque) bags they originally came in?

Cavocorax said

I’m wondering the same thing! I know light is a concern, but I keep the bags in a tin container to keep the light out.

cteresa said

Air. And humidity. Those are the big enemies. And paper and lots of kinds of plastic are permeable to those.

mrmopar said

Just don’t store pu-erh that way it need air.

Dinosara said

As long as the bags are very heavy plastic an have a zip seal so they are resealable, they are often more airtight than many tins that tea companies sell their teas in.

cteresa said

Not sure we mean the same by heavy plastic – that sort of plastic which is foil lined is OK.

But normal ziploc bags of clear plastic, even if it´s thicker plastic is still permeable – just it would be less so.

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sandra said

store my teas in plastic food containers with coloured lids.
keep them in a cupboard, so no sunlight.
containers with green lid for my greens, purple for my oolongs and black lids for my blacks.
works for me.
Can see what tea is inside, have date, grade, etc, labelled on the bottom of each container.

Taste is quite set, so when a container is empty, I just buy the same tea and adjust labels.

my pu ehr (sheng cakes) is in a cupboard in the hallway, in the paperwrap they came in.

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Dag Wedin said

I keep mine in double-lidded caddies. Mostly with washipaper or cherrybark. I put a label on the bottom with name and steeping instructions.

I store the caddies in the pantry where its resonably cool.

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