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Theasophie Puerh goes live

A note from Brian Kirbis of Theaosophie:

“Theasophie is extremely pleased to introduce our first public tea offering! We have been working in the tea mountains of Xishuangbanna for over a decade, conducting research on agroforestry tea garden ecology, tea culture, and indigenous knowledge systems. Throughout that time, we have also apprenticed under Yunhaizhidian 韻海之巔 founder Chen Jian, studying all aspects of artisanal Pu’er tea craftsmanship and brewing. Chen Jian began researching and collecting Pu’er in the mid-1990s and producing tea by 2001. The teas in this catalog bring his experience, wisdom, and devotion to Pu’er tea to the West.


And, if you haven’t already, please sign up over at www.theasophie.org … and share with your friends in the tea community!"

p.s. I am not affiliated with Theasophie, just a friend of Brian’s who considers their puerh to be excellent.

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