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Hi there!!!

So I was actually curious to know what you all do with your tea when is getting old or when you don’t want to drink it anymore.
Do you get creative and cook with it? Do you share with your friends? Give me some ideas…

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Have a bea-TEA-ful day

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TreeGal said

I’ve shared it with friends, or I convince my kids that it’s their new favorite. I’ve also been known to use it as potpourri (on its own or mixed with dried flower petals or an existing potpourri) or as one of those spice mixes you simmer on the stove!

Nattie said

Lmao @ the kid thing – I did that today with my cousins who’ve never tried loose leaf before and they were very excited!

Thanks for sharing this, never occur to me try to convince my niece she loves tea, definetly giving it a try

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Nattie said

I know I probably shouldn’t, but if I can’t share mine out with friends and/or family I force myself to get through them, and dangle new shiny teas in front of it as a reward.

Ohhhhhhhh interesting perspective, thanks for sharing ;)

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Some of us bathe in it. Particularly effective w mint teas.

Also, cold steeping burns through tea far faster than hot steeps.

Thank you I will try this

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Cryslyte27 said

I don’t think my tea is old enough to bathe in yet. I did receive some bathing tea recently. It sounded like it would taste great, but it warned that it was not suitable for drinking.

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