New giveaway on Its All About The Leaf

Just a heads up to everyone that we started a new giveaway contest on Monday on IAATL – the review site that not only do you love, but a lot of you are authors for! :)

Information on entering is:

It is easy to enter, and the winner gets:
Decaf Sleepytime Lemon Jasmine Green Tea
Celestial Seasonings Tin Tea Caddy
Celestial Seasonings Magnet
Celestial Seasonings Lip Balm
Honey Sticks

All you loose leaf tea’ites out there – don’t scoff – Celestial Seasonings has some surprisingly good reviews on their tea from us – certainly higher quality than some of the other bagged teas out there!

Even if you don’t like the CS teas – c’mon – you could win HONEY STICKS! ;)

Ger ’er done!

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Done, I follow them on Twitter, left a comment, and sent a RT. Thank you for the offer.

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