Loose vs Bag: Will it be different? (RoT Raw Plantain Coconut)

Based on Steepster reviews, I bought the RoT Plantain Coconut Raw Green Rooibos in bags (which is what they had at the store). I really like this tea and have already used up quite a bit.

I noticed on the RoT site that they sell this in a loose leaf variety too online: http://www.republicoftea.com/plantain-coconut-green-bush-full-leaf/p/V02133/

Will the loose leaf be a better quality, with a more potent flavor? I really like this but want a stronger coconut.

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Spot52 select said

My guess would be, there is no difference. And I agree that the coconut flavour should be stronger.

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My daughter recently purchased a loose leaf tea that we had previously only had as a bagged tea. The difference is remarkable. Much fresher in taste. I am glad she finds the tea of a good quality because she had to buy an entire pound to get the loose leaf.

That’s the same boat I’m in (1lb needed). Which one did you try loose leaf after trying bagged? I really like their loose leaf— sometimes, it’s even too strong.

Uniquity said

I made the plunge with Harney’s Vanilla Comoro recently – Buying a 1 lb bag after enjoying their teabags. I can’t eloquently argue why, but I would almost always pick loose over bagged.

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brandy3392 said

Normally the loose version of a tea will be much more flavorful than the bagged version. This will probably be especially true with Republic of Tea products, because I find their tea bags to be under filled and normally full of mostly “tea dust”. But with a green rooibos based tea, I’m not sure there will be much difference. Since green rooibos doesn’t really get crushed or need room to expand, I wouldn’t think this tea suffers too much from being bagged.

Spot52 select said

That’s kinda what I was assuming. The only difference would be the amount, and that could potentially be remedied by using two bags. But who knows, freshness may come into play.

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Chef8489 said

RoT loose is far superior to their bag tea. I just am not font of all the dust that they make their bags out of.

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Mel said

I prefer loose over bagged for the price difference! You get more for your money with loose. I dig that. Plus, I think it does TASTE better.

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I think it is essential to drink flavored teas in loose-leaf. When it is loose you have total control of what goes in your cup. Especially if you want a stronger coconut taste then you can pick out a few extra coconut pieces and put it in the cup. I like citrus brews personally and with loose-leaf you can control yourself how much of the chunks of citrus go in each brew.

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Crocuta said

I’d really like to try that one, but $31 for a pound of tea that I may or may not like is pretty risky.

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