Babble said

Any interest in splitting a Lupicia Happy Bag order?

Lupicia is doing Happy Bags this year, but this is the first year they are letting you preorder AND see the contents. The $50 bags are all accounted for preorder wise, but the $30 ones are still available. I think I might get one, but I don’t care for all of the teas. I’ve listed those teas below I’m willing to give away if someone else was interested. I was thinking all 3 for $10+shipping.

Darjeeling the First Flush
Assam Calcutta Auction
Earl Grey

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Oh cool, thanks for posting that. I was thinking earlier in the year that I might order a happy bag, but I’m glad they posted what would be in it, as I was expecting some other teas to be included. Maybe I’ll order next year!

Babble said

Yeah I’m really surprised they posted the contents too. If you preorder you get another green tea which I’m looking forward to. Looks like it’s all gonna be loose this year too!

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