Steve GW said

An avid tea drinker, I am embarrassed to say I didn't purify my water

An avid tea drinker, I am embarrassed to say I didn’t purify my water. And what a difference it made!!

I tried everything out there, boiling the water before lowering it to the temperature needed (thus flattening the water and removing the oxygen—I just didn’t know any better—). I used distilled water removing every heavy metal, chemical, particulate, and anything else—including the good stuff!!—from the water. I mostly just used the municipal water as doing anything else was too bothersome.

I must say, after bringing my tea into both of my jobs, where they both have hot/cold water coolers, and tasting the difference that made, I only drank tea at work!! I didn’t even realize that this was happening until I noticed drawers-full of my tea at work and NO LONGER IN MY APARTMENT!!

Now, you must give me a break, I work around 70 hours a week, and I am not usually this oblivious. However, what this subconscious act has shown me was how much I have been missing out on tea at home because of not having a water purifier. I went to my local Costco with coupons in hand (of course!), and bought a Brita pitcher and two years worth of filters (that’s Costco for you!).

Am I the only die-hard tea drinker that does not use the proper water to brew tea? I think not! I’ve shared, now it’s your turn! :-)

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kaybee said

I’ve never regularly used anything to purify water for tea. The municipal water didn’t taste funny and isn’t that hard, so I’ve always thought it would work fine. The one time I brewed with filtered water, there was no noticeable difference.

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Of course that’s fine. I am lucky to live in one of the areas with best water quality in the country. I still use a brita filter, and can skip it sometimes and the water still tastes good enough. There are people in my area using commercial bottled water and I would say it’s not wise to buy water that’s not better than, not even as good as what nature gives us.

But I’ve been to places where un-purified water is barely drinkable. In that case you wouldn’t need anybody else to remind you of purifying the water :-p

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Cofftea said

We have to purify our water to drink it. (Darn well.) Would I purify my water if it wasn’t necessary? Probably not.

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Spot52 select said

Dogma and tea do not coalesce in me.

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