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Hello Steepster!

I don’t post too frequently to the forum, but I have a question for you all – I am trying to find out some information about my new chawan I purchased while in Kyoto, I have attached the link to some photos and the price tag in Japanese as I am having trouble translating it. Mostly just trying to figure out what artist made it / type of clay as it seems to be very water absorbent so I want to have a bit more of an idea of how to care for it. Also curious what type of clay – maybe Hagi? Not sure though. I purchased it in an antique shop in Kyoto. Any information is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Also – if the photos don’t work let me know, I’m hoping the post is set to Public.


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Rob said

I took a photo and tried Google translate. On the white lable: the main writing says something like: “Autumn leaves falling” and then “Mind” or “Spirituality” Top left keeps being translated as “Yasaka”. A web search says “Yasaka Shrine, known as ‘Gion-san’, is located at the core of Gion district, Kyoto.”

On the wooden box, the right hand side seems to say “artefact” “ceremonial bowl” so this seems like more a description of the item. I can’t get anywhere with the text on the lft of the box.

Thank you!! Your googling is much better than mine haha :)

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pmunney said

Hey it’s a type of Kyo Yaki 京焼(kyoto teaware style) called Yasaka Yaki 八坂焼. the design is “Autumn Leaves” or 紅葉. Rob’s googling skills were on point haha.

Awesome thank you both for the information!

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