Unflavored oolong in tea tumblers

Oh look! Another Discussion about JADE OOLONG! As evident, I need to get my tuckus on the Slack. Here’s to a new New Years resolution!

Anyway. Has anyone had a good experience with an unflavored jade oolong in a tea tumbler? My experience has taught me this: blacks, whites, yanchas, roast oolongs, and flavored oolongs have done really well in my tumbler. Plain jade oolong…not so much. My tumbler is the Urban Tea Tumbler which I very much love. I also have to carefully pick the best tea for it. Essentially, I need teas best for Grandpa style for this thing.

Stories and recommendations are deeply appreciated. :)

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LuckyMe said

No complaints here about the jade oolong posts…the more the merrier ;-)

Baozhongs are pretty much designed for grandpa steeping. They don’t get bitter and a good BZ can go all day. I use a pinch of leaves, about 1g in my 10 oz World Market tea tumbler (http://www.worldmarket.com/product/mobile/tessie+floral+glass+tea+infuser+carafe.do?sortby=ourPicks).

Balled oolongs on the other hand tend to oversteep in a tea tumbler.

I use less leaves too. And thank you! That makes sense. I’ve had one steep for a while one time and was pleasantly surprised to find all the florals still there :)

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