Yixing teapots at Life in Teacup store with limited time offer

All our Yixing teapots are authentic and handmade. More styles have been added to the store. We cooperate with Yixing artists with high artistic standards but without inflated market prices on their works. Our collection focuses on small size teapots (3-5 oz.) that are perfect for gongfu style brewing.

We currently have a limited time offer for North American addresses – When you buy two Yixing teapots or more, there is 10% off on every one of them. If you would like to have the teapots sent to different addresses, 10% discount is still applicable, and shipping charge will be taken for each address. Therefore you can shop with a friend and save!


We will soon add some small, elegant, inexpensive gaiwan as an alternative way for gongfu style brewing. They will be available at:

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