2017: How much will you spend on tea this year?

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LuckyMe said

Checked Mint.com and I’m at $208 for teas already. My tea budget for this year was $500. I’m well stocked on most teas now so I’m content to drink down my stash until the spring teas arrive.

My teaware purchases total $123, the biggest costs being the Yunomi shibo and Yixing pot I bought last month.

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Natalie said

Oh my gosh, i couldn’t even think of putting myself on a tea budget. There are so many teas to try and so much tea-ware to buy!

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Henk said

I have sort-of thought to spend around $540 (USD) this year. So far, I’m quite in line with that:
$85.73 (Hojo. Ma An Shan & Mi Lan Xiang)
$59.79 (Hojo, An Xi Rougui & Taiwan Traditional TGY)

beginning to run a bit ahead now

$78.84 (W2T, various samples)
$43.13 (postcardteas, yimu oolong (roasted and ‘hand’ (winter)), mt fuji sencha)

$98.77 (Hojo, tsukigase asamomi,yunnan chun jian, bao dao shan ripe)

$91.55 (Hojo, Geng Ma, Bai Shu)
$86.75 (Yunnan Sourcing, several (semi-)aged Xiaguan and Nan Jian)
All I spend from now on will be over my original budget.


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Wow, I thought I was a serious tea lover/buyer, but, seeing what you all spend, you make me feel better about when I spend $150 just at Teavana.

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KimK said

Oh My! I have gone down the rabbit hole and have spent around $220 so far to set up a nice cross section of teas to taste. It all started with a simple little order to Whispering Pines Teas. These were so good I had to try more. Thanks to all of you, I had great direction and even a great selection of teas sent to me. After puerhs, oolongs, black, white, and fresh greens I am finding it hard to narrow down a specific type I enjoy. Guess that is what is great about tea, I don’t have to. So I am looking forward to the Puerh box 0006, or was it 00005 to wet my feet in the mystery of the Pu.

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Just great comments, thanks people!

I’ve been spending quite a good amount too, mainly because I don’t only get a tea itself, I also tend to get some accessories (like tea infusers, mugs, etc), it’s kind of a full pack for me. That’s why I’ve opened my own tea store (myteatime.club) and therefore I’m able to experiment more. Here comes my latest trials:

$58 – Kenya Marinyin G.F.O.P
$39 – Irish Blend

Looking forward to next comments here! Cheers!

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JINandTEA said

Hi friends, just joined Steepster…. well this feed definitely got me thinking about setting a monthly budget, wow. Gonna sit down and check my accounts for this year so far. I know the reality of it all won’t be pretty, lol.

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Luke said

Oh my, ive just sumed up my favourities list from Yunnan Sourcing and i have fainted. 5000$ came up. Not sure if ill use that much, but probably arround 3k. Am i addict already?

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Teafloor said

I spend not a big amount on the tea this year. I spend only around 80-85 $ until now.
But I spend only on the Jasmine Green Tea. This is my Favorite.

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April- $18
May- $8
June- $5 (so far)

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