2017: How much will you spend on tea this year?

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smileyeve said

I don’t know, but definitely more than before.

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Hezo541 said

I have spent naealy $1000 this year….

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Teaotic said

Update 9/26: I’m at $1,787 USD since Jan 1. Not new at this, but I had to ante up to find new teas and vendors.. Will spend less next year.

I must have bought 10kg. I’ve drank 5kg so far this year. I have 2.5 kg on hand that I will drink in the future, another 2kg that I probably won’t, and 0.5kg that I’ve given away.

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I don’t want to even know lol.
But I’ll keep buying it!!

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Fitz said

Ha! good question,I just spent 30 dollars in a chinese supermarket in Luanda on tea, then 130 quid at teamakers of London and as soon as I get home I am going nuts on the Wu Yi origin site (baskets already on the wromg side of 250 bucks heheee…

That gets me a basic stock at home at enough to bring to work as well

Fitz said

It’s on the wrong side of $450 now. total so far around 650 US. not too bad compared to some on here. but then I only just restarted so we’ll see

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Perhaps almost 100… I’m an outdoor, store buying tea enthusiast who is admittedly very lazy.

Tea on

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Death Sips said

This is a little scary… I’m just a bit short of $1500 this year. It’s mostly stuff from yunnan sourcing, white2tea, teavivre and some local vendor. What’s scarier is that I drank most of it already, just bits and pieces of cakes remaining plus some I intend to store for a long time.

From now on I’ll try to stay under 1k as this year I spend some on teaware which hopefully won’t happen very frequently.

mrmopar said

Just don’t tell how much you spend….. I quit a while back.

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MrQuackers said

I have definitely spent more this year. The majority of which has been spent on Japanese teas. I would say $100 per month would be a reasonable figure.

Interestingly, tea bowls have become a new expenditure.

A slight reduction in spending will probably occur due to the use of culinary matcha for one of my daily teas.

The price of tea can vary wildly based on quality etc. So that you can either fill up on cheap teas or splurge on expensive grades. They are all good quality, though.

Even worse is my growing appreciation for the methods used to grow and produce teas. What level of tea are you willing to support? Hand picked, machine trimmed? So expense has a meaning.

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LuckyMe said

I just went over my $500 budget with my What-Cha order last week. Will probably make a couple more small orders before the end of the year as I’m running low on Japanese greens and winter oolongs will be arriving soon.

Fortunately I don’t drink much puerh which keeps me from running up high tabs.

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Rosehips said

I’ve not been keeping track all year (shame!) but I thought I’d track my purchases for the rest of the year
September- $101.2

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