Kaylee said

Birthday Tea Freebies

I love my birthday, tea, and getting things cheap/free. So I especially love getting birthday rewards from tea shops. I think it would be nice to have a post gathering birthday promotions in one spot. I’ll get it started with the three that I used this year:

DavidsTea Frequent Steeper – free cup of tea
Sign-up is free, no purchase requirements, but I think you have to join the program before your birthday

Teavana/Starbucks Rewards – free drink at Starbucks or free oz of loose leaf at Teavana, redeemable one day before through two days after your birthday.
Honestly, this program is a bit of a hassle. You need to have a Starbucks card and have used your Starbucks card for a purchase within the past year. But if you have, redemption is easy and there is no cost limit on which tea you choose.

Alice’s Tea Cup
This is an in-store redemption so it’s only useful to people in/near/visiting NYC, but I got a coupon for a free cup of tea to go or a free oz of any loose leaf tea through huledet.com. Your mileage may vary.

Any others I don’t know about? I will keep an eye on the thread and update the list.

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Babble said

Good to know about Teavana/Starbucks. It’s not too hard for me to go to Starbucks once a year, although I agree it’s overpriced.

I do live in Florida, where we don’t have a lot of tea or coffee culture. If I lived in NYC or close to it, I would probably avoid stepping in a starbucks if I could.

I think the David’sTea thing is only a free cup in store, right?

AllanK said

I have heard Starbucks has improved their tea. I bought tea from them a while back. Despite it being Teavana it was horrible. They were using a tea concentrate from a plastic can. Now I have heard they are using tea bags still from Teavana. This should be an improvement but I haven’t tried it yet.

Inkay said

The lack of tea culture down here in the sunshine state makes me very sad.

Babble said

Oh I never get tea from Starbucks, only coffee. I don’t know if I trust their tea.

The coffee from Starbucks is still pretty overpriced for what you get, but sometimes it’s the only thing around.

Babble said

Inkay – where in florida area you?? My dream is to open a tea shop in Sanford but I don’t think I’m motivated enough. Also I have a full time job.

Kaylee said

@Babble – Yes, the DT reward is a free cup in store, although mine mysteriously hasn’t loaded onto my account yet despite my birthday having passed. Last year it loaded a few days before my birthday.

@AllanK – In my experience, Starbucks started using Teavana sachets about two years ago. They still use a concentrate for chai.

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oasis said

Starbucks free drink is valid for the day before your birthday, your birthday and the day after. Is Teavana the same?

As far as I know, DAVIDsTEA’s free cup of tea is on your birthday only.

Kaylee said

Teavana is same as Starbucks, though mine was valid for day before and two days after. Not sure about DT. I don’t remember what it was last year and there has been a delay in getting it this year.

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