Staci Rhea said

Need a flavor expert's opinion on coconut...

Where would you place coconut on the flavor wheel? (e.g. as a fruit? sweet? on the dessert-side of spicy?)

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So, I just pulled up my folder of various tasting wheels (tea, wine, beer, and coffee included) and the only two that had coconut included in the wheel classed it under “sweet” (this one was a tea wheel) and one under “nutty” (a beer wheel). That said, I don’t know if there is a commonly agreed upon classing…

Personally, I think I’d think either would be acceptable though I think I’d lean towards “sweet” because typically coconut isn’t included when someone says something like “this tastes nutty”, despite it technically being a tree nut.

Staci Rhea said

Thank you :)

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andresito said

I think its both sweet and nutty/savory. Coconut oil is more on the nutty side whereas coconut water or milk is on the sweet side. really depends what flavor you’re getting sweet or savory

Psyck said

Coconut is also commonly used for cooking in India and it would change from sweet to savoury as it is being cooked.

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