en_paz said

Kukicha - the poor man's tea

Hello fellow tea enthusiasts. I know it has been a while since my last activity. But believe me I still drink different kinds of tea EVERYDAY!
Any way, I just tried this amazing Japanese tea called Kukicha. Its a mix of aged, roasted camelia sinesis twigs and older camelia sinesis leaves. Does anyone like this tea? Any recipe ideas for making a blend using this tea?
Also, why is this tea connected with the macrobiotic diet? Please let me know if there are any properties (good or bad) about this tea that I should be aware of.

Thank you : )

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K S said

Found this article on the claimed benefits of Kukicha http://www.brighthub.com/health/alternative-medicine/articles/42709.aspx
Doesn’t appear to have a lot of serious study behind the claims. That seems to be standard fare with the mythology surrounding most tea claims. I checked amazon and this may be poor man’s tea in Japan but is priced pretty standard in the US.

What really matters is that you like it. Does it taste like Japanese green?

en_paz said

K S,

It does not taste like any green tea I have ever tasted. It’s pretty good. But definitely different. It’s the creamy flavor and texture that is so surprising. If someone made me this tea. I would never believe that they didn’t put a splash of milk (almond or rice) in it. Very interesting.

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cteresa said

I have only ever seen it for sale for quite steep prices. But then again, it is not unusual to see foodstuff which traditionally used to be poor man´s food (cod, whole grains, some herbs, carob) became much more expensive than what they used to replace.

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twiggles said

Choice organic teas makes a bagged Kukicha that is very sweet and nutty. I haven’t had a loose Kukicha, so i don’t know how it compares, but it is relatively cheap and tastes good.

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