Calling all the Tea Bloggers!!!

Hello, tea lovers!!

Hoping you are having a nice winter season (not too cold hopefully) we are looking for tea bloggers that are interested in collaborating with us (of course amazing free tea will be included) for one of our campaigns.

If you want to know more details, please send us an email to [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you



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Can you give us some more information? Is this open to the US only?

Hi Indigbloom, where are you located? do you have an email where I can reach out to you? Thanks!!

I’m in Canada. Currently promoting the Toronto Tea Festival. It is worth checking out. I’d rather not provide my name here so this is my alternate account – [email protected]

Yes, we are also looking for bloggers in Canada, I will send you an email with the information. Thank you so much!! All the best in the Toronto Tea Festival! :)

Thanks!! let me know if you ever make it up to TO :)

Sure thing!! I will let you know

Hi!! I sent you an email, hope you can check it out

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