Bay Area tea drinkers

Hey, this is just for any of you who happen to live in the Bay Area (San Jose area), and get your tea from Puripan Tea Garden, in Santana Row.

The assistant manager facebooked me this morning with some pretty tragic news – they’re closing. At the end of the month. Decision was made yesterday.
So, any of you who want to say your goodbyes, or who never actually went there but wanted to, you have until the 30th.

Don’t worry too much, though – it’s only the shop that’s closing. They’re sticking around the U.S., and you can still order tea from a website (that they have yet to set up…) or you can contact the asst. manager. Also, for the time being, all the traditional Korean teaware is 50% off!
Totally spent $90 on a tea ease my breaking heart.

Just thought I’d give any of you who this is relevant to a warning…
I dunno, this is a bit depressing for me, personally. I’ve been going to this shop since they opened, and I’ve spent… more hours than I could remember in there. I saw it come, now I’m seeing it go.
Goodbye, old friend.

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I live in the East Bay and have bought tea from them before. While I don’t get to SR too oftn, its sad to see a business close.

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Jenny said

I’m from the Bay Area, but I’m doing my undergrad in LA. I was so bummed out when I got that email about their last day. The girls who work there are also so sweet, and the teas (and tea honeys) were always so tasty. </3

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