Free tea samples!! Just let us know what you think about this idea

Hi, Steepster community!!

So, we decided to launch our idea on Kickstarter (this is the very first time we are doing this) and we value your opinion, we want to know what do you like about our campaign, what you don’t like, any inputs that can help us out to improve our campaign will be great and much appreciated.

Link to our campaign:

We will select 5 winners to receive a free sample of our teas.

Thank you all for taking the time to help us out!!!

Story of my Tea team

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Rob said

I think the longevity of your project will be determined on the quality of the product. People signing up to your subscription will already have an exisiting vendor that they favour and you’ll need to create something different. I really like the global sourcing approach and this may be a strong differential to other subscription offers. Getting tea that we have not heard of or from regions we had not previously considered would make this interesting. You may want to avoid tea where there is a high likelihood of the mediocre quality and easy comparisons to past experiences. The matcha, for example, would be a concern for me. I don’t think it will be great for your price point and would probably let you down.

Your branding is good and the packets look very good. I also saw receipes, like marinating with tea. Maybe try cocktails, baking etc. Anything like this that has a twist on tea may be of interest.

Best of luck.

Hey Rob could you send us an email to [email protected] we would love to send you some tea

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Hi Rob

Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback, for us the real experts on tea are the tea drinkers, I’m glad you like the branding, the package was very much inspired in an art museum in Houston TX where we live.

I completely agree with you on the risks of providing common tea, open for comparison. We would love to see people compare between similar teas from different regions, though. We did include matcha with our Kickstarter limited edition Energy Box, and this one we picked organic and one of the best Japanese Matcha we tasted. Low margins for us, but we didn’t want to compromise on the experience with the Energy Box.

Overall, thanks for the insightful feedback. Do you think there are any questions we left unanswered in the campaign?

Thanks again


Rob said

No. I don’t think you left anything out…. Not that I can think of anyways!

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Arby said

Since there are a lot of subscription tea boxes, I think it is important to set yourself apart from the other companies. I like that you will be providing transparency on where the teas come from. This is the mark of a high quality tea, it can be tracked back to specific regions and buyers who like certain features in their tea (elevation, region, etc) can choose based on this.

I also like that you provide more (optional) information in the app.

I second the packaging comment. I like the aestetics of the packaging, and that the actual loose leaf can be seen through the front. I sometimes keep my packages unopened if I do not plan to drink them, and I like being able to see the tea through the package (or put it in a dark place for long term storage).

Overall, I think there is a lot of potential here. If I saw your individual sample packages in the store, I would probably buy them individually.

I notice on your kickstarter page that you will be doing surveys after this stage. I would be happy to participate if you would like feedback on specific aspects of tea or the company.

Thank you for your feedback Arby!! Yes, the idea is to connect people with each of the teas they are drinking and we think that you connect better with something when you know the story behind them, that is the reason we are including the region of the world where the tea came from and the story behind them.

Thank you for the good comments about the package, we really value it, we put some thought into the design and were inspired by art :)

Sure I will keep you posted, you can send me an email to [email protected] to include you in the survey or you can let us your email when you share our campaign and get a free booklet with information about teas.

Thanks again for helping us out!!

Hi Arby could you send us an email with your information [email protected] we will send you a tea sample

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Raritea said

I love the packaging! I really appreciate the idea of encouraging tea drinkers to try new things and to make an effort to source tea globally. I’m a big fan of the app and opportunity to learn more details about the individual teas. Maybe I missed this, but I was wondering if there would be a way to purchase larger quantities of a tea that an individual particularly enjoyed. Overall, looks great and I look forward to seeing how everything evolves in the future!

Hi Raritea!!

Thank you for your feedback, after we send you the box we will still having quantity for you to order, although our catalog will be evolving and changing teas because we don’t want to store tea for long periods of time, we are committed to offer fresh tea to our customers :)


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teacop said

I really liked the campaign, in fact I will think to join for the 3 month! I wish you the best on this endeavor

Thank you!! If you have any question we are here happy to help you :)

hey teacop please send us an email to [email protected] we will send you a sample

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Babble said

I really like the video and packaging! I like the concept too.

I would recommend focus on teas that are in season and play up the “freshly harvested” angle. I say target those folks who just drink any old tea and explain to them the benefit of knowing where their tea comes from. I think you can also play the “loose is better than bagged” angle for folks who are new to the whole thing.

I also like it when companies reward folks for involvement. Give points for reviews, social media posts, and referring friends that people can then use to spend to get a free month or an oz of tea.

Thanks, Babble, we are glad you like our packages. Bring the freshly harvested teas is one of our missions, we want our clients to experience a cup of tea made out with recently harvested teas. Except of course tea like Puerh that requires fermentation.

I think you did a very good point here by mentioning that loose leaf tea vs tea bags, there is certainly a difference in the liquor, aroma, and times you can brew your tea, we will try to include this.

After the campaign is done, we will offering a “Rewards program” for our customers, for now we are actually giving a away a free booklet about tea when users help us out sharing the campaign in social media.

Hi Babble, could you send us an email to [email protected] we will send you a sample. thanks!!

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Thank you all so far for your amazing recommendations this help us a lot for improvement :)

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