Rasseru said

Favourites of 2016

They don’t have to be from 2016, just wondered if any tea stuck in your mind as being your teas of the year.

My favourites, in no order apart from just popping into my mind:

Golden lily – whispering pines – Tropical fruit heaven, lovely oolong base flavour.

Jing tea shop dancong – Milan, ba xian, ya shi, AAA & also some Lao Cong of these varietals, been consistently drank & enjoyed, can’t pick a fave.

2014 rui gong tian Chao-, chadao.de solid yiwu, sometimes tastes like apricots & cream

2013 mensong secret garden – bana tea – right at the end of the year it wowed me with an amazing huigan. Expensive – little 125g cakes! But special.

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