Rasseru said

2017 new years tea resolutions

My tea resolutions of 2017 are to:

Drink more of what I like, less experimenting – I’ve had a few years of expanding my tea-taste and this year is going to be about enjoying those which i like the most (Oolong & Puerh mainly). I will still try other teas but its not the focus.

Save up & try some top-tier Dancong from Tea habitat.

Explore caffeine free teas – things I can drink late at night without any sleep deprivation – 2016 was the year of lack-of-sleep for me, 2017 is not going to be like that.

Anyone made any tea resolutions?

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Weasser said

The only one I’ve made is to continue my education, and learn as much as I can about tea. So far so good. :)

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Rob said

Less quantity but higher quality. Reduce teaware spend (but that has already gone out the window) I think I’ll also buy smaller volumes (especially on pu erh) for some reason I always want a full cake but I should get a smaller volume of each and try more variety. Use up what I have before getting more and focus on the teas I love (fresh japanese greens)

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I have a massive ruck sack over filled with tea samples as well as several other gift bags, boxes, etc. filled. I’m trying my best to clean through these samples. The majority is fairly good tea, and I believe they deserve a fair cupping. So far, I’ve been doing pretty good. I’m excited for the day that I can see the bottom of the sack.

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apefuzz said

Continue sampling some of the high-profile teas that I haven’t had yet (e.g. Bai Ji Guan, Shui Jin Gui oolongs, etc.)

That was my 2016 goal. For 2017, I want to focus my sampling beyond just “haven’t had that yet.” So, right now I am tasting teas from various puer regions to get a feel for regional profiles.

As I select what to purchase after the 2017 spring harvest, I plan to continue to select new teas around a certain theme so that my education and exposure to new teas is a little more deliberate and goes beyond just knowing the tea in and of itself.

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Minimize my purchasing: a couple Chinese and Japanese FF greens, some oolong for summer cold-brewing, and hongcha for when I run out of what I already have.

Concentrate on exploring hongcha. This year I discovered it’s my favorite kind of tea, especially Dian Hong.

Coordinate with my family to better organize my stash.

Really think hard about purchasing more teaware. Not that I’m spontaneous, but…

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Babble said

Lol at all of us saying “less samples”. Myself included. The internet makes it way too easy to try all these different teas and before you know you are swimming in samples.

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Lynxiebrat said

Joining in on the less samples brigade…Not to long that I probably had enough samples to fill up a bathtub. Eeek! So with exception to specific companies, I think I will concentrate on avoiding samples from here on out.

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Rasseru said

I’m allowed samples – if its directed sample buying – like some sheng puerh samples to then buy a cake of the one I like. I cant afford to just buy cakes every month

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Nattie said

I’m climbing aboard the less-samples wagon too. I have a couple of tea-related new year’s resolutions, specifically:

- Write up a tasting note for every Butiki tea I haven’t done so for yet by the end of January
- Drink down all of my current samples by the end of the year
- Continue my sipdown challenge and try to get my cupboard to 250 by the end of the year (currently on 407)

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curlygc said

I’m onboard with less samples, to include drinking what I have and getting rid of what I don’t want. I am also going to make a smaller number of purchases this year. No tea clubs; I don’t want tea every month because I end up not caring for much of it. I plan on making a few targeted (and large for me, dollar per gram-wise) purchases of very good aged puerh, and that’s it. And minimize the group buys too. Oh, and I’m also going to track my spending. I didn’t do it last year b/c I didn’t want to know, but that needs to stop if I’m going to get it under control!

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