What's the view on pure / traditional teas?

Hi everyone,

My family has been operating tea houses in national parks around China for decades, and with myself in Canada, we’re thinking of creating a subscription box for these “pure / traditional” teas such as oolong, tieguanyin, puerh, etc.

After looking at the tea scene in Canada and US, it seems that there is a bias for tea blends.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but is there a market for a company to dedicate their business to pure / traditional teas in North America?

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Arby said

Many long time tea fans drink only pure teas or at least enjoy pure teas. Steepster definitely has a strong affinity for pure teas over blends/tisanes. I would be very interested in a subsription box for high grade pure teas.

Are you growing tea plants in Canada? I would be very interested in Canadian grown tea.

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Hi Arby,

Thank you for your feedback, and that’s good to know there are those who appreciate pure teas.

The plants are grown at high altitudes in China. If I end up proceeding with this project, it’s easiest for me to use the suppliers my family has used. I have no doubt that their tea quality is very high as they have selections that were purchased for well over $500 USD for a small can.

Are there preferences to where the tea leaves are grown from tea enthusiasts in North America?

DongBei said

Yes of course there are. I want my Jin jun mei and yancha from Wuyishan. I want my Tieguanyin from Anxi. I want my Dianhong from Fengqing. Etc.

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Everune said

I enjoy blends well enough, but for everyday sipping I tend to go for pure teas. I think a lot of tea lovers are like me. I’ve been considering a pure tea subscription for my birthday in march, but I haven’t made any decisions on which one yet.

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