Sofia said

cast iron pot questions

so I recently got gifted a cast iron tea pot (yay!)
now, i’ve never realized they can be enamel-coated on the inside, which I think mine is. so two questions: first, do I need to season it the same way I would with anything cast iron? Coat it with some olive oil and bake it? If so, at what temperature should the oven be and how long should I bake it at.
second, if it’s enamel, do I need to worry about keeping it to one certain type of tea? does it season the same way a full cast iron teapot will?

thank you!

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As for as I know, there’s no need to season or prepare it – I’ve never done anything special with mine.
I just know that when you start to develop of a bit of residue around the enamel (it takes a while), or you happen to leave a tea in there for, like, weeks (whoops) you have to clean it with baking soda. Really effective.

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elemental said

No, it does not need to be “seasoned”, the enamel is not porous. Most tea is slightly acidic, so you should not leave it in the pot for an extended length of time (shame on you JMK). Just rinse it after each use and clean it as JMK suggested from time-to-time. Over time you may notice that very fine hairline cracks develop in the enamel, this is caused by the different expansion rates of the enamel and the cast iron — this is not a problem unless the enamel starts to flake off.

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