What was the tea that made you fall in love with tea?

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Lipton tea. It was a comfort item when at my father’s or great-grandmother’s house when I was a kid-til-teen. I especially loved making a mug in the morning before anyone else was up at my father’s and just sitting for a while in the quiet.

I then went a few years without tea due to not seeing either of those people anymore (great-grandma by death, father by choice) except the rare mug of Lipton or Tetley… very rare since mom nor anyone else I lived was close with liked tea much.

Then about 3 years ago at a restaurant I ordered a small pot of a Darjeeling and it was so good I got back into drinking tea and wanting to try new ones. I started trying more bagged teas and in recent months have really jumped into loose leaf options.

But yeah, Lipton was what started me on loving tea… it was such a “comfort food” item and has good memories tied to it.

MaddHatter said

It’s amazing how much the world of tea opens up when you taste that one tea that brings you back to it all.

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NMAZtea said

I started drinking tea back in college. It was winter and I wanted a hot drink, but don’t like coffee. Over the years, I’ve been through various phases, including orange pekoe and Earl Grey, but it wasn’t until I started drinking plain green tea -Stash premium green to be precise – that I became hooked on tea.

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sherubtse said

Initially it was a very tippy dian hong, and a very green fuka. I still love both!

Best wishes,

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teaINfuse said

Mine is Lapsang Souchong.. I watched a episode of America’s Test Kitchen and they used it to cook with, Ribs i believe, so I went out to a store only 2mi from home and got a 2oz bag.. it got its hooks in on me but the real sinker was about 2weeks ago I started giving up soda and had to find something to drink besides water. and now have 10 or 12 loose leaf teas and 5 or so box bagged teas.. but really the love started with that wonderful smokey brew

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Doug F said

I didn’t enjoy tea until I had my first loose leaf offering—Hu Kwa (lapsang suchong) from Mark Wendell. An absolute bolt of lightning! Tea can taste like this? I’ve mainly stuck with the strong stuff—Pu-erhs and China blacks, but I’ve come to appreciate the whole panoply of amazing teas out there.

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Matcha – at a Japanese tea ceremony demonstration a couple years ago. It. Changed. My. Life.

I only liked a bit of tea before (chamomile, peppermint, Earl Grey only on occasion and when sick). I became enamored with the frothy, bitter flavor, and I felt elevated. No drink or food had ever had such an effect on me. Matcha was not only the gateway to my love for tea, particularly Japanese tea, but also into the aestheticism of tea.

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Celestial Seasonings’ Almond Sunset. I loved that stuff, I’d drink several cups a week. And then Republic of Tea’s vanilla almond.

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MissLena said

For bagged tea, it was Bigelow’s green tea, but for loose there were these amazing jasmine green dragon pearls from a local store that I just fell in love with :) after those two DAVIDsTEA came into my life and well, it escalated from there lol. But for loose tea it definitely was those pearls, they were mind blowing!

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