Unofficial Steepster Secret HoppiTea (Easter Themed Secret Santa)

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I believe I received mine today too… from AmazonV! She sent me some tea from 52Teas! Yay!

Always a good thing. :-)

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cteresa said

I have received mine from Keen Tea Thyme! She sent me lots of samples for american teas, including some of her own blends. I am really excited to try it all, I think I have never had American Tea, well not counting Celestial Seasonings. Photo pretty soon.

And I am getting a bit worried about the package I sent, I sent Monday last week to the west coast of the USA, I was hoping shipping time would be faster. There will be 3 more mail deliveries before easter, right? Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? Crossing my fingers here…

cteresa said

The photo

and KTT included

- Vampire Lemonade, custom Adagio Blend
- Awakening, custom Adagio Blend
- Toasted Marshmallow, custom Adagio Blend
- Ginger Ale White Tea – 52 teas
- Cantaloupe Bai Mu Dan – 52 teas

and lots of other samples including

- Christmas Eve Herbal Tea, Stash Tea Company
- Holiday Spiced , Red Leaf Tea

Uniquity said

Tomorrow is the last shipping date in Canada (and I assume US) until next Tuesday, as Easter is this weekend. I wouldn’t worry, thoguh!

cteresa said

Thank you! I really hope it makes it on time. I did not add tracking, our postal service tracking usually stops the moment it gets to the airport, which would gave done the night I sent it. But still, dear secret hoppi tea partner, hope you are not too disappointed with the delay and that it arrives soon!

Alana237 said

I’m in the same boat – I sent mine out last Tuesday. I hope it doesn’t take too long!

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Alana237 said

I received mine today! Thank you LiberTeas! I’m really excited to try all these wonderful-looking teas you sent! I will put a photo up here soon.

Yay! I’m so glad it arrived! I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get there… glad it got there before Easter. Enjoy!

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Ottawa Tea said

oOteaOo’s was sent last Saturday from Canada. It may arrive tomorrow…but more likely Tuesday if customs has their way :)…gotta love customs!

I received your package today! Woo! You are so sweet! I loved all the goodies in there! Thank you so much![email protected]/

Ottawa Tea said

Horray! Glad you liked. Enjoy…I’m curious whether you’d like an oolong steeped with a piece of ginseng, given that you recently ran out of your ginseng oolong…let me know if you try it.

I tried it today! :) I’m about to write a review! woo!

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I haven’t received mine yet. Any chance I can find out who mine is and I’ll touch base with the sender to see when it was shipped? I just hope the neighborhood hooligans haven’t swiped it…

Alana237 said

I sent your package last Tuesday, but I live in the UK so shipping takes longer, though I’m surprised to see it hasn’t got to you yet. I’m sorry for the delay, and I hope it gets to you soon!

No problem – international mail, that explains it. Thanks Alana! I eagerly await your package! :)

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I received my package today. Thank you Joshua! Not only am I a happy hoppy tea drinker, but when my husband smelled all that Lapsang – woo! He took it right out of my hands and is taking it to work with him. He is also tickled to share the jalapeno man teas with his coworkers!!! I’m flipping over the Oriental Beauty – it smells so sweet and lovely. I am really intrigued with the Mocha la tea and Chai la tea too! Thanks once again!

BTW I think that the Steepster name of my hoppity pal is TheDJBooth – there wasn’t a Steepster name included so please correct me if I came to the wrong conclusion!

Ricky admin said

Yep, your tea pal was TheDJBooth :D

Yes it was me :) Once I put the package in the mail I realized that I didn’t put a note in it. I hope you enjoy! The Oriental Beauty is amazing. I found them at the local Asian grocery. They have an amazing selection of loose leaf tea.

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Sadly, no package was waiting for me in my mailbox today… So, I’m guessing perhaps I have an international HoppiTea partner? (Which is pretty cool, too!) :)

Ricky admin said

Yep, you’ve guessed it! You have an international hoppitea partner. Hope it arrives soon.

Thanks and thanks again for not spoiling the HoppiTea surprise. :)

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I got mine today when I stopped by my grandparents (since i am moving, all mail goes there)

Thank you JacquelineM!

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AmazonV sent to LiberTEAS and it was Received

Dinosara sent to SimplyJenW and it was Received

Ellyn sent to twiggles and it was Received

Fairyfli sent to The DJ Booth and it was Received

JacquelineM AmazonV and it was Received

KeenTeaThyme sent to cteresa and it was Received

LiberTEAS sent to Alana237 and it was Received

oOTeaOo sent to silversun and it was Received

Ottawatea sent to oOTeaOo and it was Received[email protected]/

QuiltGuppy sent to Ellyn and it was Received

RachanaC (A.K.A. Rachel) sent to sent to Jillian and it was Received

silversun sent to RachanaC (A.K.A. Rachel) and it was Received

SimplyJenW sent to The /T/ea Blag and it was Received

The /T/ea Blag sent to Ottawatea and it was Received

The DJ Booth sent to JacquelineM and it was Received

twiggles sent to Dinosara and it was Received

Still waiting (3)

cteresa said

I have been pretty worried about the package I sent. I sent on April 11th, not registered, and a couple weeks ago I ruined the surprise and contacted my Hoppi Tea Santee, Fairyfli to apologize and check if address was correct (it was). She has been reassuring me all this time she is not worried and that it will show up, but I am still worried.

I still hope the first package will show up, but I sent her today, registered, a small just-tea (in case the extras I sent the 1st time might have tagged it in customs) swap. I sent all different teas. And please guys, if you can wish good karma for the first package to still show up, the waste of it getting lost.

AmazonV were all the swap packages still undelivered from abroad into the USA? I am pretty worried the package I sent might seem weird on customs, or there are some rules (like quarantine rules in Australia). I got pretty paranoid finding out about the US embargo on Kinder eggs (and I sent a Lindt bunny which I hope they do not confuse with a kinder egg!).

So far it is all the international packages that are not yet arrived, i am wondering if they are being extra careful lately b/c of the whole navy dela mission thing

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Ottawa Tea said

Got mine! Thanks tea_pain and dukeoearl! Ihave genmaicha (love the genmaicha!), a whole stash of flavored teas, and a fabulous set of blooming teas. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to start drinking…hmm, that didn’t sound right, but you get what I mean, right?

i <3 the vanilla chai, constant comment and cinnamon stick :)

Ottawa Tea said

I’m looking forward to carrying some of these as emergency tea for I’m out and about. A few more will go to the office with me for when I’m too busy to steep loose. Love it!

Good to hear your package finally got there! We were wondering if border patrol got into it or something. You followed our mindset completely with that last post, haha. Hopefully all of those teas end up going well.

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