Unofficial Steepster Secret HoppiTea (Easter Themed Secret Santa)

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Hmm, still haven’t gotten mine… :( I think the postman stole it! ;)

I haven’t received mine, either. I was thinking that the mail may have been slow, too, because of the holiday. Some countries had no mail going anywhere for a few days.

QG – yours is coming from international, give it a bit more time and then let me know!

KTT yours is also got a holiday and international shipping to deal with, wait it out a bit and let me know!

Oh, no problem at all. Ricky mentioned before that it was international. Just wanted to let KiTT know that she wasn’t alone in the wait! :)

AmazonV, thanks! And QG – thank you, guess we’ll have to keep ourselves occupied with our current selections, just for a bit longer!

Ricky admin said

Internationals are the only ones still waiting for theirs?

Ricky – Fairyfli, QuiltGuppy, KeenTeaThyme

Fairyfli said

Woohoo I just got mine today! Great stuff lots of tea and even a chocolate bunny! Cteresa was even so worried about the package that she sent a second one this week…. But I did get my first package and cant wait to try all of the teas! FYI mine was coming from Portugal and it did have a nice little stop off at customs so everyone who hasn’t gotten one yet have faith it will come! :)

cteresa said

I was so glad to hear it fairyfli, hope you do enjoy it! and the second package should be almost all different teas, I had not quite given up hope this first one would show up!

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I got mine on Saturday! Thanks Alana! :) :)

Alana237 said

Yay! Im so glad it has arrived!

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So, it’s just me waiting now. Alas…
On a brighter note, we just got a new mailbox installed yesterday!

yea for a new mailbox, keep up the hope!

Ellyn select said

hopefully it will arrive soon. I am so enjoying the package you sent! Thank you again!!!!

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Sadly, I still haven’t received my HoppiTea package. :( I’m thinking that now that it’s nearly a month afterward that it may not arrive. Is it possible to find out when it was mailed?

Ricky admin said

Will look into it for you, no one shall be without tea, don’t you worry!

I want to say the package I sent to Canada took about a month and a half. So maybe all is not lost. I hope it shows up soon.

Ricky let me know

hugs i am sad you are hoppitea less :(

Ellyn select said

I hope you get your tea swap soon!!!!

I am convinced the customs people have tea time at our expense once a month, oy!

As am I.

I am anoyed with canada post, i know for 1000% sure your package was mailed and it was nifty >.< I am very glad LiberTEAS was kind enough to share her bounty o’ tea

That’s the worst part, that it’s lost in limbo somewhere. Thank you, original HoppiTEA partner, for sending it and I’m sorry that I didn’t get the chance to see it!

Uniquity said

Well, with Canada Post’s semi-impending strike, I know service in my neighbourhood has gotten even worse…though I loathe Canada Post. Sorry you didn’t get your tea : (

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Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, LiberTeas, for the very, very generous HoppiTEA package, especially considering that you weren’t my original HoppiTEA partner! I’m overwhelmed and appreciate it so much. I haven’t even had time to look through it, but I will post photos soon. You’re so very, very thoughtful!

Wow, that’s great! Enjoy, you deserve it and LiberTeas you are one sweet gal. :-)

You are very welcome, QuiltGuppy, I felt sad that you hadn’t received your package, and since my cup runneth over (so to speak) when it comes to tea, I wanted to share some of my tea with you. I know it wouldn’t take the place of a well-thought out package with the information that would have been provided in the hoppiTea email, but, I wanted you to have something! I hope you enjoy it.

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Much to my surprise (and excitement!), I received a second Hoppitea package from Ricky. Thank you so much! I’m going to post photos of both packages now.

It’s so thoughtful of you both, Ricky and LiberTeas, to have sent such generous gifts. So, I wanted to return the gesture. You should be receiving something from me soon, too. Thanks for your generosity and I hope you enjoy your own surprises as well, because you both went out of your way to do something so kind. Thank you!

Uniquity said

WOW. Those look amazing. Enjoy!!!

Wow, so generous. Enjoy all of your new teas.

Ricky & LiberTeas are total sweeties! Or should I say, “SweetTeas?” :) Enjoy all the new goodies – and score one point for tea mailers; take that customs’ meanies!

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