Kitan said

Moonlight White - help needed

Could someone help me with identifying this tea please?

It was bought from a local shop a while ago as a present for my birthday. I need help with the information on the wrapper and nei piao as my Mandarin skills are rudimentary to say the least.

I’ve got as far (at least I think I have) as confirming the wrapper labels it as a Moonlight White made in Xishuangbanna, as well as a sheng judging by the characters near the weight declaration.

Hopefully these links should work…


nei piao…

Thanks for any help you can give…!

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TeaVivre said

Wrapper: you’re right, this tea is named “Moonlight beauty White Cake Tea”, with net weight 357g. It is a Sheng pu-erh made by Qian Ye Hao factory.

Nei Piao: the first paragraph is a breif information about the material for Sheng and Shu Pu-erh. It says that the material for sheng puerh is from Lincang, and shu puerh is from Menghai.

The last paragraph is a short desciption about the factory and its product scope.

Hope it helps!

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Kitan said

Brilliant! Thanks a lot!

TeaVivre said

You’re welcome!

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