MrQuackers said

Golden Monkey Tea

Is this a favourite of anyone’s here?

I love the look of the tea with the black leaves and lighter buds. Thinking about getting some.

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DongBei said

The strange thing is that despite it being marketed as super popular in China, it seems hardly popular at all here. Golden Monkey, literally translated, is not a black tea here at all from what I can tell. I was told it might go under the name Bailin gongfu so I looked that up and it seems to be the same thing but it’s very clearly not popular at all.

Personally I would recommend a nice golden needle dian hong or a decent jin jun mei. I don’t have any experience with “golden monkey” apparently.

bakmie01 said

How does it taste?

High grade golden monkey taste sweet after tasting

LuckyMe said

I’m not a black tea fan but Golden Monkey is one I really enjoy. It’s sweet and malty. Got mine from Yunnan Sourcing

TeaLH said

I like Bailin Gongfu (aka GoldenMonkey). Sweet, malty, with cocoa and chocolate notes.
If you like tippy Dian Hong and Jin Jun Mei, this is a good alternative that shares some notes of both.

bavinck said

My daughter and I very much enjoy it. The Golden Monkey what-cha has this year is excellent – highly recommended!!

Golden Monkey is probably my favorite tea. I have tried Adagios and loved it but I also have some Bailin Gongfu coming from Yunnan Sourcing that I can’t wait to try.

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