Chinese Tea Shop Re-lauch (Free samples inside!!!)

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Kristin said

Thanks so much for sending these samples. I got mine. I had no idea they were coming all the way from Singapore. That is very generous of you.

They actually came from Beijing. We tried out using the Singapore post to see if it was faster than China‘s. It wasn’t. Lesson learned.

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Hey guys were going to be starting our May promotion a few days early as not to conflict with a Chinese holiday coming up.

Buy 100g of Dragon Well and receive 25g Free!!! Exact same quality, no tricks no nothing.

April Showers brings May Flowers. I went all the way to Xinjiang (west “coast”) China to get some of our new Herbal and Flower teas and they should be added to our website in the next few days.

And, as always, Free samples are available. Stay tuned for more!


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