Everune said

A day of firsts.

My friend Liquid Proust recently sent me some sheng pu erh tea as well as a gaiwan, and today I used both for the first time. The tea I chose to drink was labeled 2011 Gusu Ingmu. I must say, the flavor was unlike anything I’ve every had. It was earthy and smooth and a bit crisp. the gaiwan is just the right size to fill on of my japanese teacups, and I drank and drank till I ran out of hot water, totally well over a liter of tea. The experience of brewing in a gaiwan is so much more meditative than western brewing. The tea left me feeling pleasantly tea drunk, and I look forward to trying another tea this way tomorrow.

If any of you out there haven’t tried sheng pu erh or gaiwan brewing, I highly recommend they try it out.

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My handwritting probably sucks. That was the 2011 Gushu Jingmai from Farmer Leaf.

As some will say, welcome to the rabbit hole :)

mrmopar said

I will second the rabbit hole……..

Jeff said

Another one bites the dust. Nice job Liquid Proust!!

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