up to 50% off, annual sale now

Don’t miss it, some teas might be out of stock soon!
just like last year we have a lot premium tea as low as 50%.

2017 Annual Sale
up to 50% Off!
Offer valid until 30/03/2017

Green Tea

Premium Pearl Jasmine 50% off!
Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha 50% off!

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7 Replies
Ubacat said

I took advantage of it. My existing green teas are just not going to last until the spring teas are available. Great sale!

LuckyMe said

I jumped on this one too. Couldnt pass up the deal on the NanJing Yu Hua Cha. Saw your review and have had it on my wish list ever since.

Now I need to stay away from sales for a while because it’s not helping my tea hoarding habit lol

Thanks, NanJing Yu Hua Cha definitely good one. All orders will include some extra samples.

LuckyMe said

Awesome, thank you!

Ubacat said

LuckyMe, the Nanjing Yu Hua Cha is STILL amazing , even a year later. I hope the new 2017 Nanjing Yu Hua Cha is just as good.

Helene said

Do you think all of the teas on sale on the Grandtea site are good quality?

Ubacat said

Helene, I ordered some of their 2016 teas. They are just in small quantities and I wanted to try out some of their other greens while they are marked down. That way I can get a good idea of which 2017 teas I want to order in larger quantities once they are available.

So I can’t vouch that ALL their teas are good quality but so far I’ve had pretty good teas from them and the Nanjing Yu Hua Cha was amazing.

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