Great Canadian Travelling Tea Box Round Seven--Sign up thread

Hey all,

The next GCTTB round 7 will be heading out in May 2017—just in time for the new season of flavours. Who all is in?
Please announce yourselves here.

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Arby said

I’m interested!

Kristal said


Arby said

How do others feel about the no David’s Tea rule? I get that some people do not enjoy flavoured blends, but I’ve found DT can sometimes have better teas than Teavana and Lupicia. Regardless, I still like to try blends I’ve never had before. Would anyone else drink DT if it was in the box, or is it just me?

The point is that DTs are available for purchase in small weights—to sample if wanted— throughout Canada, not about the quality. Because they are so readily available, there’s no need to waste space and add to shipping weight unless someone specifically wants a tea which is no longer being sold.

Arby said

Ah, I see. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for informing me! I somehow didn’t even think of that.



VariaTEA said

I’m interested in joining another round :)

I’d be interested, definitely!

Hi! I’m pretty new to the community but located in Calgary, Alberta. How does the travelling tea box work? I assume we pay for shipping, leave at least as much as we take, and ship it off to the next participant? What do shipping prices usually look like?
Very curious and hoping to learn more :)

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