Cofftea said

I need help naming my new creation!

I have an idea of a tea creation (not really a blend per se) that I want to add to the data base since I’m planning on drinking it on a daily basis, but I need help coming up w/ a name. Here’s the recipe for my creation:
1 cup coconut water kefir
1 bag Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Elder w/ 1tsp ginger steeped in 1 cup water
1 packet Pink Lemonade Special K20
4tsp lime juice
2tsp matcha

What should I call this?

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does that taste good? what does it taste like? maybe name it something like: Sour & Spicy Matcha

Cofftea said

I wouldn’t drink it if it didn’t lol. It’s a really fruity, tangy mix w/ the smooth taste of matcha.

I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be a health drink. hmmm, maybe Fruity Matcha Elixir or Sour Fruit Matcha.

Cofftea said

While I am supposed to be drinking coconut water per my Dr.‘s suggestion and I want to start consuming echinacea on a daily basis, I would never drink a tea purely for beneficial reasons… that’s why there’s plenty of good stuff in this!:)

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Pink Isle Pucker :)

Cofftea said

I like that, but it’s more a weird brownish green than a pink lol.

I’m caught between whether it has more of a tropical theme or an Asian theme. (Reminds me of yummy Vietnamese or Thai food with the ginger, coconut and lime, and, of course, the matcha.) Hey, you could call it Asian Isle. :) Or, you could just find something you like better! ;) Have fun finding a name!!

Oooh, oooh, oooh: “Weird Brownish-Green Isle Pucker”


That has so much more of a ring to it. :) Or, how about Sludge Pucker?

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