Looking for input for our website.

I’m looking for input to see what I can do better to improve my online shop. Any input would be greatly appreciated! The website is www.pandabrewtea.com


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tperez said

One thing I would suggest is working on your photography/lighting. Some of the pictures look nice and professional like the black current tea, but a lot of the others look like they were hastily snapped with a cell phone. I can’t offer you much advice as I’m not much of a photographer myself, but I’m sure that someone else can.

Another thing is your “2007 Puerh Tea”… If I’m going to pay $100 for it I think it should have some more information. What factory, weight, sheng or shou, (looks like sheng?) etc. Also the claim that it was “hand picked from ancient trees” should really throw up a red flag for any experienced pu’erh drinker. It’s obviously a factory tea and real gushu/ancient tree tea is prohibitively rare and expensive. Better to promote it as a good tea with unmiraculous origins.

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@tperez, Thanks for your input! I’ll have to get some new photos up soon. I agree that some of them look a little hastily snapped. I just revamped the entire site today. It was not very good before.

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McNally said

I agree with tperez on the photos. The second thing I notice is your company name in the upper left of the home page. It’s too plain. There is plenty of room in the white area at the top of that page to put a logo if you have one. Otherwise, I think the layout and navigation are nice. In my opinion it’s an excellent start with just a few tweaks needed!

Thanks! Good to know the site looks nice!

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