Swap for Shang Tea?

Does anyone have samples of the following:

White Wu-long Premium
Golden Needle King
Honeysuckle White

I would be willing to exchange samples of some of my What-Cha teas, namely the Vietnam Red Buffalo Oolong, Premium White Rhino, Pure Bud Golden Snail Black, Thailand Red Tiger Oolong, or others like two white Fuding Zhangping cakes.

I hope this is not too much to ask for because Shang offers some great teas.

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Nicole said

How much of each? If you just want samples, I’ll go pick some up next week or the week after, no cost. I don’t have any of these on hand at the moment.

That would be perfect! Just samples though I have no idea how large the Shang samples are.

Nicole said

Enough for a couple of cups

Again, perfect. I’ll send you a message with the address. Or at least I’m trying to send you a message lol. Wifi on the train is not the greatest. Which teas do you want to sample from my end? And I was thinking between 5-10 grams though I could do more if you want.

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Nicole said

5-10 grams is fine. I’d be interested in Tiger Oolong and the Golden Snail. I’m following you now as well so message should be available now. :)

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