Jenna said

Maryland Tea Shops

I’m going to Cumberland and Frederick, Maryland in 2 months. Has anyone been to any of the Tea Shops in either town? If so, how were they?!

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Ellen said

I went to Voila! in Frederick. They carry teaware and a lot of flavored teas that I recognize from other places (ESP Emporium, Joy’s Teaspoon). It was a pretty good place if you’re into blends and want to sniff everything, lol _

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Cofftea said

Check the Places tab to see if there are reviews.

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Travis-Hts said

I was just at the Capital Teas in Annapolis this past weekend. They had samples, but it was not a tea shop where you could sit andhave tea. It was a quick stop, but they had a wide variety and good quality. They also have stores in Bethesda and National Harbor.

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Hi Jenna! I actually live in Urbana, MD, which is just south of Frederick (city) and still in Frederick County. It’s a small world! :)

Frederick doesn’t offer too much of tea shops, sadly. There’s one, – but I haven’t tried it yet. I do plan on doing a review for my blog, though. Not sure if it will be up in time for your trip. The other I can think of is – a friend of mine who lives and works in Frederick LOVES this place. I too haven’t tried it.

Do not, I repeat, do not go to The Tea Room in New Market, near Frederick. Horrible experience I had! (It actually may be closed at this point. Good riddance.)

BUT if you can travel to Bethesda, which is about 20 miles south of Frederick, you’ll find Zen Tara Tea, which is a great place.

Hope this helps. Happy Travels! :)

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