Looking for ambitious Tea Lovers for NYC tea shop start up

We’ve had a lot of success with our online store and are looking to expand into brick and mortar tea shops in highly visible locations. We are looking for anyone in NYC/metro area with an unwavering ambition to bring amazing tea to the masses.

This opportunity is for a tea shop manager, partner, or investor, all comes with equity. We are looking for someone who can bring retail experience or tea expertise. You will be involved in all decision making and planning.

Please message me if you are in the NYC area and interested in changing the perception of tea in the U.S. You can find us at www.teaandte.com.


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A good Tea is a Green Tea that you will find in India.

you can order this from drcinfotech.com

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MyTLD said

Have a question for you if your up for helping.
I am having some trouble locating a good wholesale source for my Large airtight storage containers as well as tins for purchase by patrons.Looking for any resources or direction. please help!

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