Popular black teas

I am in the process of building my online store for black tea and others types. Just want to know your opinion on the most popular black teas and which ones I should start with first to sell online

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Ken said

Well I cant really say whats most popular, but I do like lapsang souchong, jin jun mei in pure leaf. For blends Russian caravan and Masala Chai. Im not a huge black tea drinker though.

But I would imagine Earl Grey and English breakfast are pretty safe bets.

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Arby said

I enjoy Yunnan blacks, golden snail and other golden/yellow-coloured blacks. Also, I’m in a phase of trying out interesting varietals like purple mutation blacks.

as for popular, the common, basic blacks (English Breakfast, Chai, Lapsong, Earl Grey, etc) are popular with people who don’t have a lot of experience with tea, but are a bit boring for many who like interesting and very high grade blends.

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As we know, China have a long history of the production and drinking tea around the world, I don’t know whether you have come into contact with the Chinese tea before. I saw many foreign tourists traveling in China are very fond of Chinese black tea, for example, lapsang souchong,Keemun Black Tea,Yunnan DianGong. However, this is only the most three well-known kinds of black tea as early as the 1870s have been sold in Europ, the United States,Germany, Britain and other places. If you want to know more, you can search on some sites.

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