Eastcott&Burgess - Revolutionising British Tea Culture)

We are a new tea company, having launched in October of 2016. We are planning to revolutionise British tea drinking culture. If you are interested, check out our latest blog post;


Thank you so much. Thought I would get the word out there. Will be posting more info and updates soon. Tell me what you think of our website, our selection… or anything at all. Suggestions. Complaints. Complements. Anything.

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Ken said

No international shipping? I tried a checkout to see how much the shipping would total and there was no US checkout option.

Sorry Ken, we don’t currently have US shipping. We are in the process of getting it organised at the moment. Do you ever order from international tea companies? One of the reasons we have been so slow to organise this is because we thought that most wouldn’t be interested, as the (relatively) high cost of shipping would make it noncompetitive relative to some US based firms with lower shipping costs.
Yulia :)

Ken said

From England or EU no, from China, Hongkong and Taiwan yes. But then again China has Epacket which brings the shipping cost way down for small packages.

And I was more curious than anything, when someone offers new tea, I always at least look.

mrmopar said

I think if you have good teas that there will be some international interest. I order from Canton tea and What Cha which are both UK based. I recently came across a Swiss vendor that I ordered from. I am in the US but I have purchased from all these European sellers.

I know Steepster peeps also order from both Bluebird Tea Company (aka Bluebird Taco) and MARIAGE FRÈRES.

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Arby said

I am in Canada and buy internationally most of the time. I’m especially fond of deals like free shipping on overs over $125. I will buy double the amount of tea just to quality for free shipping.

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Thanks for all your input guys! We now have now made shipping available to the US and will bee adding ‘free international shipping if you spend over $50’ in the next few days. Your help is truly appreciated! Yulia :)

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We are super excited as we have released our first YouTube video. In it my brother and E&B cofounder – Sasha (young but experienced)- introduces you to Yunnan Gold. I love getting input from you guys. Tell us what you would like to see? Is the video too long?


Also checkout our Instagram, where we will be posting a lesson per day in order to teach you about tea in bite sized chunks. I hope you learn something interesting!


I think this can be of great value to those just starting out with tea. So tell your friends and I hope we can persuade them to join the teavolution!

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Rob said

Just ordered some samples of each

Thanks Rob, just received the order! Hope you like our teas. This is a rare opportunity as customers tend not to respond to emails, but could you tell us what you think (one you have received our tea)? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. The packaging, the tea, would you like to see anything else, what did you like about other companies that you maybe didn’t get from us? Anything at all (criticism is always welcome :)).

Yulia x

Rob said

OK will do Yulia. I have a question about your tins. They look great and I know they come with 30g of tea, is 30g their max capacity? Thanks Rob

Thanks Rob! So it does depend on the tea, but yes, our tins can fit probably about 50g of some of our teas. The problem is that to do that, we would have to not include a little bag inside of the tin upon delivery. We would have to put the tea straight into the tin. We were under the impression that customers would prefer a little bag inside to protect their tea. What do you think?

Yulia x

Rob said

Yes, I would think a bag for freshness and protection would be expected and appreciated by a customer.

Thanks Rob!

Yulia x

Rob said

Hi Yulia, delivery arrived quickly and I’ve been enjoying your teas this week. Your Keemun in particular is an absolute star tea and you must be congratulated! I’ve written a review on here. My tasting notes are at the office, so I may edit and improve later.

I lean towards quick gong-fu style steeping myself, but your brewing guide suggests quite long steeps. I think you are correct with your times…. Your teas can take a longer steep and benefit from this. Feedback from a customers view…. Your website is great and well constructed. Easy to purchase. Packaging was good and I’m looking forward to getting some of your caddies. I think you should give the option of purchasing 35g or 50g in a pouch (with no caddy) as not everyone would want a tin. Or…. They may already have your caddy and just want a refill. I think the free delivery over a certain spend is always welcomed, so thanks for that.

Shasha is great on the videos and I’d suggest more tasting videos with your teas. Get close ups of the leaf and the liquor as the quality should be apparent to anyone watching.

Also, I would try to expand your range. You’ll convert more sales.

I hope all goes well and I’ll add some reviews of the other teas later in the week.
Cheers, Rob

Thank you so much for the feedback Rob! You don’t know how nice it is to receive positive words from someone who truly loves tea (a lot of our feedback has come from friends and family :))!
With the brewing guide we were trying to achieve a compromise between gong-fu style brewing and Western brewing so that those new to tea can adjust gradually :).

A refill pack has been in the works since you first gave us your advice in regards to the 50g packs, so thanks for that! We figured that since we can fit more in without the bags, we can sell the caddys as 30-35g with a sealed bag for freshness and then have 50g refill packs to make full use of the tin for those who are repurchasing and for those that don’t want to buy a caddy.

Sasha said he was very pleased to hear positive feedback and will keep filming! We’re excited to cover some more advanced stuff! Tea tastings sound like a great idea. We are thinking of doing joint longer tasting videos on YouTube so that beginners get a better understanding of why we stay away from the tea bags :’D and tea lovers get an in depth insight into each of our teas.

We have wanted to expand our range for a while now, and are super excited to do just that. We are hoping to film the experience and show everyone watching how we pick our tea (hopefully we will get quite a few tea tasting videos from this) and (fingers crossed) show everyone where the teas come from! We are super excited to do this and think this will be really interesting to watch (especially for true tea lovers)! What do you think?

Thanks again,
Yulia x

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Hi guys,

Incredibly excited (as usual) to announce that we are now offering free international shipping on orders over £40 (approx 50USD) and free shipping within the UK on orders over £30! :)

Yulia x

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For the Sake of Transparency!

We are reducing the price of our Dragonwell (Long Jing)!

When ordering our most recent instalment of Dragonwell we wanted to keep it as fresh as possible for you to enjoy. We enquired about the best way of doing this. The tea farm and those processing our Dragonwell told us that it is possible for them to vacuum pack the tea and store it in cool conditions during transportation. Of course, we jumped at the idea! What could be better than a Dragonwell almost fresh from the press.

What we did not foresee however was all those beautiful leaves being compressed into a bag, and its ramifications. Sometimes things aren’t best left to the pros. Those that vacuum packed the leaves took their job very seriously. Good on them! Unfortunately, this broke a lot of those beautiful whole leaves.

As a small capital start-up pushing for the highest quality tea available on the market, this was a big problem. We started drowning our sorrows in numerous cups of Dragonwell. What we quickly came to realise, was that the tea had still retained its amazing flavour! How? Well the leaves had been delicately handled during processing, and so had been evenly oxidised and carefully roasted. So, the flavour remained. The only difference was the delivery, and the vacuum sure did keep them fresh.

While we would love to just throw this batch away, and order a new one. We just wouldn’t be able to absorb the loss. We had invested a small fortune into testing this batch for pesticides, heavy metal among many other variables.

Instead what we have decided to do is to lower our prices, and give you the chance to try a top class Dragonwell at a fraction of the price. It has an amazing flavour and has retained a lot of the visuals, it’s just slightly rough round the edges :)

Check out our article for some visuals;


All our profits go to charity. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to buy this tea, we hope you can. The money will be going to help rebuild homes destroyed by the 2015 Nepalese earthquake in poor rural villages. Yes, they are still struggling!

If you are interested check it out;


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Hey guys, I have started a Steepster thread about integrating lifestyle and tea and would love to hear your input on this.

What does a ‘tea connoseur’ lifestyle mean to you and what activities does your love for tea inspire? Or is tea purely about the technical stuff, like finding the best tasting and the best quality tea just for its’ own sake?

Yulia X

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Natalie said

Thought i’d give a few of your teas a little try! Looking forward to receiving them.

Thanks Natalie! Have packaged up your order ready to send off :). I hope you like them. Let us know what you think of our teas, and of course let us know if there is anything you think can be improved. All of your help and feedback (positive or negative) will be greatly appreciated as it allows us to keep improving the service!
Thanks again,

Yulia x

Natalie said

Not a problem, will let you know what i think. Nat x

Hey Natalie, did you receive your teas?

Yulia x

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Natalie said

Hi Yulia,

I have received them, thank you.

I loved the way they were packaged and really like the little personal touches, including the open here on the boxes (as i did try to open them the other way before my partner mentioned that it says open here on the other side.) I’m a sucker for a little note with my name on, makes me feel important!

I have only tried your Jasmine Silver Needles so far, and i will write up a review for you on here in a few days but i have to say i really enjoyed it and was gutted that i only got a sample. So once pay day hits i will be ordering more, and recommending it to my friend who loves silver needles.

I’m looking forward to trying the others!


Natalie x

Hi Natalie,

So glad to hear that! My brother Sasha packaged the teas and suggested we put a little note on it, as even I had trouble figuring out how the conjoined boxes opened haha :‘) I’m glad it helped! :)

It’s so nice to hear that you liked the tea, it really does mean a lot! Next time I will know to include a Silver Needle “give me to a friend” pouch.
Excited to see what flavors you get from the teas. A friend of mine ordered our Dragonwell recently. I have never heard anyone describe tea the way he did, he certainly has a ‘unique’ palate. It’s crazy how much tasting notes vary from person to person.

Enjoy your teas :)

Yulia x

ps feel free to share you discount code with friends and family (its reusable).

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