SourceTea said

Maiko tea


Anyone ever purchase from this Japanese tea vendor (Maiko)
They have an annual sale that is going on now.

I’m considering getting

Sencha "Kamo
Sencha “Miyako
Karigane(Kukicha)”Uji no Kaori
Gyokuro "Higashi-yama

Or getting just the 3 pack of gyokuro higashi-yama that is on sale.

Which would you recommend?
Have you tried any of the above teas?

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Ubacat said

I’ve never tried them before but always interested in new companies for Japanese teas. It appears they have been reviewed by some on Steepster with good ratings:

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SourceTea said

Yes and they have some feedback on teachat as well. If I place an order and try some out I’ll let you know!
I’m asking them about SAL/regular air mail shipping now.

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