Utopia Tea said

Loving Iced Tea.. Always!

Here at utopiatea.com, we all have a passion for iced tea. We love hot tea too, but iced tea seems to be great any time of year in California! Over the weekend we enjoyed Ginger Citron Mint loose tea over ice and it was just lovely! Our supervisor put a cinnamon stick and honey in it… that was the perfect touch. Iced tea is even great after a long workout. What do you all think?

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LefTea said

Since I just started drinking tea this past fall I’ve never tried making it iced. From what I’ve read online you can either cold brew overnight (like you can with coffee in a french press) or do half the hot water to brew then add the cold, right? Any suggestions?

AJ said

Rather than ‘add the cold [water]’, make it double-strength and then pour it over ice. People like to say this ‘locks in the flavour’.

ace said

With the cold water brew the caffeine doesn’t get extracted. I like to make it half hot water then add the cold. If you take sweetener it is best to add to the half hot unless using agave nectar which dissolves in cold water.

Cofftea said

LefTea, you’ll find many suggestions if you do a discussion search for “iced tea”. Whether I’m making one cup or a large batch, I always steep it in just enough hot water to cover the leaves (approx. a cup if I’m making a gallon) then add cold water. If making a large batch I put it in the refrigerator, if I just made a cup I’ll drink it right away.

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Cofftea said

Definitely drink cold or room temperature tea (not iced though) all year ‘round… at least in part. I always drink cold tea w/ my medications. To me a mark of a good tea is that it’s just as good cold as it is hot. Unfortunately one tea I do not like (plain at least) is matcha. I do however drink it cold twice day- once in Special K 2 0 protein water and once in orange juice.

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