Dragonwell (Long Jing) Sale UK!

Hey guys, so I took Blodeuyn’s advice and started a new thread.

We recently got a new order of Dragonwell in. We used our usual supplier. We asked the guys processing our tea if they had a better way of keeping it fresh during transport. “Vacuum pack it and store it in cool conditions during the flight” they told us. Unfortunately the guys vacuum packing the tea took their job a little too seriously and compressed the leaves too much. The result? Broken leaves.

As a low capital startup pushing for the sale of the best tea available on the market, this was a problem. We had spent a small fortune on testing the batch for pesticides and heavy metals.
We drowned our sorrows in numerous cups of Dragonwell.

The taste was still there!

Why did we expect it not to be? The leaves had been processed carefully, had been cared for by the farmers, and had been picked in early Spring!

So we decided to reduce the price of our Dragonwell, to give you the opportunity to try a great tea which is a little rough round the edges.

It now costs £14.26 for 45g!

Here are some visuals;

All of our teas come in a beautiful tin optimised for tea storage. Check out the article;

Finally, all of our profits go to help rebuild homes and schools in Nepal following the 2015 earthquake. Yes, the sad truth is that many are still struggling to recover from that catastrophic event.

If you are interested please stop by and check it out.

Yulia x

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A friend of mine has decided to surprise me this week and ordered our Dragonwell green tea.

I have filmed his experience and will be posting a video to demonstrate the tea and the quality of the leaves to you, as well as the experince of ordering from us, so watch this space!

The quality is still lovely, even my non tea drinking friends have immediately detected a sweet nutty flavour without any guidance from me, but the leaves are just a little more broken up than what we would prefer.

Yulia X

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