Top Ten Innovative Tea Gadgets

What are the top ten innovative new tea gadgets of the year? Although some might argue that true tea lovers use only traditional methods with dozens of steeps and utensils, truly experienced tea addicts will prove this is not always the case. Every tea lover started the same: from simple cheap teabag, moving forward to loose leaf, falling in love with tea and soon couldn’t imagine life without tea. This is where tea gadgets come in handy and give you the opportunity to enjoy tea in every moment and situation.

Simplicity of use, elegance, innovative technologies, even “wireless brewing” are just some of the reasons you might want to look at our list of top innovative new tea gadgets. You want to have a bottle of fresh and warm tea always by your side? Or would like to make that perfect cup in the office? Read our top picks among innovative kettles, bottles, teapots and infusers.

Innovative new tea gadgets

So, you have your favorite high quality tea leaves and would like to make the most out of the infusion. The first important step is (and this was very important even in old China during tea competitions) choosing water and bringing it to a perfect temperature. There are all sorts of kettles out there, but not all kettles are the same. Our favorite kettles of the future include wireless kettle, special tea makers that care about the tea type you are using and special chai maker.

Imagine this scenario: it’s Sunday, you’ve opened your eyes and saw sunshine pouring through bedroom window. You are so looking forward to starting your day with a cup of tea. But, if only someone could put the kettle on so you can stay in bed for a few seconds more. Here is where Smarter iKettle 2.0 jumps in. Even the name suggest this is no ordinary kitchen appliance. This kettle can be controlled by your phone: choose the right temperature for your leaves, set it on through an app and instead of waiting by the kettle, relax a bit more.

This Wi-Fi enabled kettle claims to save up to two days a year in boiling time by allowing you to pre-boil water wirelessly. You can use the app wherever you are – on train, in car, in park, in bed or at the shop; and rest assured that the water will be boiled the minute you set your foot in the kitchen. Plus, you will never have to guess the water temperature again.

What all tea drinkers know is that each and every tea type has a different water temperature request. One-Touch-Tea-Maker is not only a kettle – it has a smart 10 oz. removable tea leaves basket that will automatically lift when the brewing is over to prevent tea from getting bitter. Temperature settings support five different tea types – white, green, oolong, green and herbal. You can adjust brew strength and this maker will actually count the time since your last brew. This magnetic brewing mechanism results in a nearly silent brewing cycle. You can monitor brewing time and temperature with the back-lit LCD.

Features include Delay Start, Keep Warm and “Agitate” for loosening tea leaves and improving infusion. It can also be used as a “regular” hot-water kettle (though nothing is regular about it). Includes dishwasher-safe tea basket and scoop. If you worry about remembering all that brewing details for different types of teas, this maker will be a perfect gadget for you.

Breville One-Touch-Tea-Maker

Teaforia Smart Tea InfuserTeforia Smart Tea Infuser claims to transform tea from ordinary to extraordinary. With simple and elegant design, pairing art with science, combining tradition with modernity, this infuser is smarter than any infuser on the market. Forget confusion and wasting time on finding the right information, Teforia already has all the information it needs. You only need to choose your tea leaves and the app will do everything else for you. Online app can scan the tea package to identify and ascertain the best brewing method and assure there will be no compromises on your cup.

The infusion globe and carafe are both simple and beautiful in design and removable. They are made to make tea aromas stunning and extraordinary and offer you the opportunity to enjoy the every aspect of tea brewing with perfect ease and enjoyment.

Craftea Ritual Remixed This ultimate chai tea maker is a must-have for all chai tea lovers. Famous Indian tea with milk and spices always tastes incomparably better when made from fresh tea leaves and fresh spices. If you ever tried making your own home-made chai, you probably found the whole process messy and time-consuming. Chai is perfect for evening relaxation, but cleaning the messy kitchen doesn’t really fit into the picture of relaxing.

This luxury tea maker prevents messy boil-overs, is dishwasher-safe and extracts the most of all ingredients for fresh, aromatic and healthy brew. Craftea Ultimate Tea Maker is great for all sorts of herbal and real teas as well. With the opportunity to become your own tea designer, we bet you will discover a new passion for herbal infusions and tea blends.

Now that you have mastered the art of tea making with innovative new tea kettles and makers, you will probably love your tea so much that even one minute without it will be a minute lost. Smart tea bottles will make sure you have your tea in your bag all the time. You might ask yourself, how are they different from regular tea bottles?

Teplo BottleWith combining heritage and future, nature and science, as Teplo says, the world has never had anything like this before. And it is true. Double glass Teplo bottle with removable stainless steel infuser and removable and rechargeable heater base with beautiful simplistic bamboo touch is just what you need for every outdoor activity. Whether you are into hiking, running or long walks in the nature, you will always be able to have your tea by your side. Cold winter days will never feel so cold anymore, and you will get a whole new perspective on drinking hot tea during summer. What all true tea lovers know is that a cup of hot tea in summer will give you an instant refreshment.

Choose your favorite tea, connect to Teplo’s integrates app and just start following the instructions. Smart tea bottle will know the exact time, temperature and process to make your tea taste wonderful. Due to innovative technology, the perfect brew will never get cold either.

Imbue, the synonym for infusing, means the introduction of one thing into another. With no better name to describe the process of combining tea leaves with hot water to create a perfect brew, this tea infusing vessel is a novelty that will surely find its way to hearts of many tea lovers. Imbue will give you the opportunity to brew great tasting loose leaf tea anywhere, without having to bring your kitchen along for the ride.

With strainer magnetically connected to the lid, only thing you will need to do is put the leaves inside, add water and flip it over when the tea is steeped. The result will be a great tasting single serving brew that you can prepare anywhere. Imbue also makes a great water bottle after the tea is gone. This magnetic tea infusing bottle has a sleeve made from natural insulated non-slip fabric for a perfect touch-up.

Imbue The Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel

Teapots and tea cups are what really makes tea brewing special and beautiful. Even though we would all like to have our favorite tea sets with us all the time, sometimes this is not possible. Imagine setting up your own tea corner with dozens of utensils and tea ware in the office. Even though this is an unlikely situation, you still don’t have to give up on enjoying healthy tea in the office. What if we told you that you can have just one simple tea ware item and your tea will still taste perfect? With these teapots and tea cups, tea dreams come true.

Some people argue that old teapots are the best teapots. We do agree to some point, but sometimes we need to make an exception. Not only does Sorapot look amazing and beautifully designed , this minimalist glass and stainless steel teapot is made to unveil the pure beauty of tea leaves as well. Joey Roth, designer of Sorapot, knew very well that the pleasure of looking tea leaves slowly unfurling in hot water is an important part of tea appreciation.

This 11 oz teapot is great for tea party for two. Charm, design excellence, simplicity and years of development guarantee a pure visual enjoyment. Specially designed for loose leaf tea with mesh filter to keep the leaves out of your cup, Sorapot is great for oolong, pu’er, green, yellow, or black tea. Sorapot is dishwasher-safe. When the dusk arrives, place your favorite tea inside, add hot water and end your day with style and refinement.

Sorapot 2

Magisso TeacupWith so much talking about the complicated techniques and numerous steps of tea brewing we forget that there is sometimes a need for simple brewing as well. With simple we mean, just your tea leaves and your cup. This kind of brewing is popular among Chinese people when they just want to enjoy a hot cup of tea without stressing and spending too much time. Not all tea types are convenient for this type of brewing, and this is exactly what Magisso Teacup is about to change.

Simple, elegant, modern and clean, Magisso Teacup is perfect for all types of teas. With triangle bottom, this cup allows to stop brewing and start drinking when the leaves had enough of soaking. You can adjust the strength according to your own taste with just tilting it and the filter will be out of the water. This is what we call a smart tea cup. Magisso Teacup is dishwasher-safe, light and comes in many different colors.

KLiP Tea BrewerKLiP Tea Brewer is different from any other tea infuser. Sure, there are various kinds of infusers out there, from extraordinary in design to scary or funny, but there is one small objection to all of them – they drip. KLiP Tea Brewer was invented by designer Joel Bebo exactly for these reasons – brew tea in a cup at any place, without the need for any additional utensils or tea ware. No more saucers or spoons, napkins or snorkeling for lost teabag with your fingers on the bottom of your cup. With built-in saucer, all you have to do it turn it upside-down and the dripping will be all gone.

This unique tea brewer is a compact, non-intrusive way to brew loose tea anywhere. Without advanced technology, but with advanced thinking, this 3-in-1 infuser will spare you a lot of time cleaning. It fits in every cup, can be used with both loose leaf tea and teabags and you don’t even need to take it out when drinking.

After reading our selection of must-have innovative new tea gadgets you have probably noticed that one is still missing. The last gadget cannot be placed under any category. It’s not a kettle, it’s not a teapot, it’s not even an infuser.

42tea cube is an amazing innovative way of using technology for tea brewing. So, how does it work? 42tea mobile application is linked to the cube that will guide you through all process of making your favorite tea. Each and every step is included, from tea and water quantity, to right temperature and brewing duration, with unique recommendations calculated for your taste and your taste only. 42tea application works with all varieties and brands of tea and includes recipes for cold and hot beverages. Smart cube will recognize the tea leaves you are using, measure the right quality of tea and water, inform you when the kettle is out of water, track the brewing time and make sure your tea will be nothing less than amazing.


Now that we’ve covered all of the most interesting top ten innovative new tea gadgets that are already available or are just about to get on the market, it’s up to you to choose your favorite one. Don’t forget, every cup of tea should be fully enjoyable, and to be fully enjoyable it needs to be brewed correctly.

Some gadgets are here to help you in that process, to determine which parameters are the best for each type of tea or to start boiling water while you are still in bed. Others are only making tea brewing more fun or simple. This set of tea gadgets is a great start for any beginner that is yet to learn how to follow the inner tea voice to making that perfect brew. So, get that kettle switched on and be ready to conquer the tea world. These innovations are proof that others are already doing it. Why? Because nothing is as good as a deliciously brewed cup of tea.

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