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Tea and Travelling

I recently returned from a trip to San Antonio and my husband and I found some awesome places thanks to my slight obsession with tea. It made me think about pooling our collective local resources so if people were visiting the area, we would be able to easily find tea spots during our travels (seriously, my souveniers from the trip were tea and jewelry..and more tea than jewelry) to try new things and bring stuff home (if we want and have the suitcase space for it). I’ll start with what I found in San Antonio and what we have here in Chicago.

Todd and Holland in Forest Park (Madison and Marengo Ave): great selection, Bill the owner knows a ton about tea and is awesome! Not a cafe, they have a sample bar but no tea to go.

Adagio in Naperville: Haven’t been but I believe they have a tea bar as well as loose leaf to take home.

Bello Tea in Downer’s Grove: tea bar that also sells loose leaf and accessories. I haven’t been yet, but I have a Living Social deal for them so I’ll go soon.

San Antonio:
Madhatter’s Teahouse: Restaurant with a tea focus. Great sandwiches (highly recomment the grilled hummus and veggie sandwich), you can buy tea by the pot and they sell it loose as well. They’ll even recommend if it’s cheaper elsewhere

Japanese Tea Gardens: Okay…this spot has no tea despite the name, but I found it because it said tea and it’s an awesome and free place to check out right by the zoo.

Central Market: Grocery store with a huge tea section including loose that you bag and weigh yourself.

Spice and Tea Exchange: Haven’t been, but we’re going in June – got the deal off Groupon.

Anyone else?

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Uniquity said

If you haven’t already, you should put up a review on each of those locations in the places tab. I know I find it handy when looking for new tea places to enjoy.

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Cofftea said

I agree. This thread is the purpose of the Places tab.

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LefTea said

There’s a places tab?!?

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Uniquity said

At the very top, There is a tea tab, then places, then discussions, and so on. I remember having trouble figuring out how to write reviews of places, but I’m sure that was just me being dense. I love the places tab!

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The one thing I found confusing about the Places reviews is that in order to leave a review, you have to click the number of stars first in order to get the review pop up. I wish that there could be a “Write a Review” button to make it simpler. I’ve only written two place reviews, so it’s few and far between. I always forget how to do it at the time I need to…

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