Rich select said

Free tea for a newbie (gone now)

I have a bunch of tea, mostly sample sizes, to give away to a lucky newbie. There are a few ripe pu erhs and some other assorted goodies, labeled. Free, no strings attached, not even shipping. But please, a newbie only who may be interested in trying some ripe pu. PM me.

Update: claimed.

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Mostly just curious, but what kind of traits or character do you enjoy or look for in your ripe puerh? So far I’ve only tried one (Crimson Lotus’s Cloudy Days), and while it’s smooth, I find it tough to drink for a whole session as I get somewhat tired of its plain earthy taste.

AllanK said

I know of some people who really don’t like the fermentation taste of ripe puerh. What some people do is rinse the tea about four or five times, i.e. throw out the first five steepings. You will generally be left without any fermentation taste as it usually steeps out in four or five steeps. Personally it doesn’t bother me. Alternatively you could buy some really old shou puerh like the 1996 CNNP ripe sold by Yunnan Sourcing. This tea will have no fermentation taste from the start. Any 20 year old shou should be clear of fermentation if it is really that old and not something younger faked as that old.

Thanks for the info! I haven’t tried any super fresh shou yet (unless 2013 is still considered “super young” for shou) so I don’t think there was a particularly fermentation taste that bothered me. It was more to do with the flavor profile. My favorite sheng has been fruity and sweet, but I found the shou to float around the midrange and be kind of boring. Does this mean shou maybe isn’t for me, or is there a whole world I’m missing out on?

AllanK said

I would suggest buying some samples before deciding that shou just isn’t for you. I would suggest what is probably my all time favorite shou the 2008 Menghai Dayi Song of Chi Tse from Berylleb King Tea on EBay. Yunnan Sourcing also sells the same tea but they call it something else. They sell it in sample sizes or a whole cake is not that much I think in the $40 range. I would suggest samples of shou of different ages, i.e. one from 2015, one from 2010, one from 2005, one from 2000, and one from 1995. This will give you an idea of what shou tastes like as it ages. You may find that you like aged shou far more than young shou. I like both. I myself have been trying more semi aged raw teas in hopes of finding more that I like but it seems they all taste of leather and tobacco. I will drink shou of any age but prefer young sheng to aged sheng. Although I might have a different opinion if I eventually try a true aged shen, meaning something 25 years old.

Ken said

You seem to have ordered from Teavivre, they have their mini tou ripe pack that has about 7 years of age on it, also from yunnan sourcing, you have green miracle, and green mark. One is a lightly fermented ripe that has good complexity the other is a raw/ripe mix.

I personally like a nice ripe, its an easy drinking tea, simple, tasty, great with cookies. Its a good relaxation tea, but I also like young and aged raw, I actually havent met much Pu’erh I havent liked, Im probably lucky in that regard.

Thanks Ken! I haven’t seen Teavivre’s mini tuo set yet so I’ll check it out. I’ve definitely had my eye on the green miracle though, and heard good things about it! Do you have any other recommendations?

Ken said

From Yunnan sourcing, Green Miracle, and Year of the horse. Crimson lotus “what is Puerh pack”. Seriously get the Teavivre’s ages mini tou pack, its only like 15$ for 200 grams. The Tea Spot, russian caravan, this is another inexpensive tea, and when you drink hold on to something tight because its going to knock you for a loop! Its smoked oolong, Ripe puerh, and lapsang Souchong.. think about how intense that is going to be, then multiply by two… also it might be worth getting in on the puerh plus travelling box.

May I ask where you live?

That sounds awesome! I’ll definitely check into the Teavivre pack since they’re pretty affordable for me. I’ve only ever tried one lapsang before so the Russian caravan might be cool to check out!
I’m In Canada, which makes tea somewhat tricky for me due to shipping costs! Unfortunately I miss out on many of the free shipping offers most sites have and often need to buckle up for $10-15 in shipping charges. Just means I have to be a little smarter with my orders :)

mrmopar said

Sample for sure till you find that niche zalgroth. Allan hit most of the nails on the head in terms of what you are seeking.

Thanks so much everyone! And sorry Rich for hijacking your thread into a shou puerh info session :) I’ll probably throw together an order soon!

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KimK said

Hi Rich,
I am such a newbie I can’t get steepster to send a PM to you. All I get is Rasseru, who just informed me I sent an email to the wrong person. Is there another way to PM you?

Ken said

He needs to follow you for you to PM him.

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