David's Tea Customer Service- HELP?

Ok, so maybe this is just an awful April Fool’s joke? I received an email saying that David’s Tea is having a 20% off sale from 12pm-5pm EST and I have been trying for hours now to even get tea into my cart (it keeps deleting out the cart!) I’ve tried mobile and on my laptop with little luck…

Finally, when I was able to get everything in there- when I put in the promo code from the email it says it isn’t valid???

And what’s worse… their customer service telephone number says they aren’t answering and to email-and when I looked for a contact email it keeps coming up as “page not found”!

Is this just a horrible joke? They are my favorite tea company and I was so excited to see this sale come through and now I’m just frustrated and sad…


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wildfinch said

Hi – no, I know for sure that it wasn’t an April fools joke. It wouldn’t surprise me if they underestimated demand and their site crashed. Sorry, that sucks =(

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Too late to be of much help, but I know that sometimes the promo codes only apply to the Canadian website? So depending on where you live/which website you were logged into at the time, the code might not have been valid on US purchases. Kind of a bummer, but I’ve fallen for the same gimmick from David’s tea before.

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FernKyros said

Hi! I love David’s tea and I’m constantly buying things from them. I had the same experience as you did right after Christmas…my order wouldn’t go through. I now buy my tea in-store, since the employees are great and very helpful. I’m assuming another reply was correct, the time I tried to order they were having a sale and it’s likely they underestimated the demand. They’re fairly new, but I still don’t rely on their website anymore. Is there a David’s Tea near you?

AllanK said

I have ordered from the David’s Tea website three or four times without a problem. One thing about their site. They actually have two. A site for US and a site for Canada. In theory you should automatically be directed to the right one but it is possible to go to the wrong one. The US site is better than the Canadian one if you live in the US because they ship from Upstate New York. No customs at all.

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