Comparing wholesalers

I am looking for a wholesaler and found Metro Teas and Q-Trade through Steepster. Q-Trade recommended Kopius Teas for my sales level. Does anyone have any comments about Kopius Teas?

Also, I am comparing the two companies price levels and it appears that Metro Teas is almost twice as much as Kopius Teas. Does anyone have any idea with why they would be so much more?

I am only at the stage of putting my business plan together for my new business so I need as much feedback as possible. I am hoping for some detailed answers.

Thanks in advance.

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Would you ever think about teaming up with someone to start this tea business? I have had an online store and I know we are in different states, but depending on what your idea is and what you are looking for we might just be the perfect team. PM me if you are at all interested it chatting :)

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