Cast Iron Tea Pots

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StaLLZee said

I looked at those price online, a bit steep!

THX2250 said

very steep…

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My best tea friend has this one from Adagio, and swears by it:

It’s not quite as decorated as the Teavana ones, but it pours really nicely and keeps tea hot for a long time and holds enough for two or three people to sit and hang out and sip.

K. said

I purchased this one from Adagio and am just now returning it. I think mine was defective, as the enamel chipped off in large chunks in every pot of tea. I was unsure if enameled cast iron was safe. It seems like my experience was an anomaly, though, from all I’m hearing here…

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slygirl said

I’m contemplating purchasing this 5-piece tetsubin tea set from Joss & Main. It seems to be the lowest price (before shipping) that I’ve seen for this set:

I’ve been eyeballing this one for quite a while myself. I’m concerned due to the lower price that the inside enamel may chip quicker causing rust and ultimately an unusable teapot. If you get it you’ll have to let me know how well it works out.

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wheezybee said

My tetsubin set came from and it’s enameled inside. It’s the green Shogun set. I got it as a graduation present five years and three moves ago – one of those was even to and from the Alaskan bush. The enamel is still intact and I love it even more than when I first got it. I’ve always followed the directions and only rinsed it out, although I do use a tiny bit of soap on the matching cups. I’ve added to the number of cups over the years, and have not noticed any changes in quality. They’re still my go-to place for tea ware.

We did get a second tetsubin, a black hobnail, two years ago as a wedding present, and one of the cups even arrived chipped. I believe that one was from and it hasn’t lasted quite as well.

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