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You Are My Sunshine Green Rooibos - This Week's Tea of the Week! (Updated Every Week!)

Greetings, Everyone!

I am working hard to get myself caught up, I figure one big step towards that goal is to actually announce this week’s tea of the week on Monday when I’m supposed to! So, with less than one hour left in Monday . . . here it is!

Our Tea of the Week for February 19, 2018 is:

You Are My Sunshine Green Rooibos/Herbal Tisane! – A few months ago, our featured blend of the month was Sun & Cloud Mist, which, for those of you unfamiliar with this popular blend, is a lemon, lemon-y herb, marshmallow root and green tea blend. It’s a cuppa sweet, creamy, lemon-y goodness! At the time that I announced the featured reblend, one of our customers suggested that I craft a caffeine free version of Sun & Cloud Mist. Well, it took me a while to get working on it – but here it is!

This is a blend of naturally caffeine-free green rooibos, lemon grass, lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemon thyme, marshmallow root and there’s even some dried lemon wedges in there – and it tastes remarkably like Sun & Cloud Mist – it’s a lighter version of that – with no caffeine so you can enjoy it any time of the day or night!

You can read more about this tea here: http://52teas.com/blog/tea-of-the-week-for-february-19-2018-you-are-my-sunshine-green-rooibos/

Last week’s tea of the week (February 12) was:

Chinese Five Spice Black Tea This tea was my celebratory tea for Chinese New Year – A blend of Chinese black teas, the traditional spices of a Chinese Five Spice blend (Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel, Star Anise and Szechuan peppercorns), a little bit of ginger and some Mandarin oranges. A nice, spicy cuppa with a pleasant orange brightness.

Read more about this tea here: http://52teas.com/blog/tea-of-the-week-for-february-12-2018-chinese-5-spice-black-tea/

You can find both of these teas here: http://52teas.com/this-months-teas/

Thanks to everyone in this lovely tea community for helping to make 52Teas what it is today! I couldn’t do this without you!

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Aw, I’m sorry. I read your posts every week but rarely reply. Just pretend I’m saying how great the blend sounds each week. :D I’d love to try The Unicorn or I could always use some more Berried Treasure. :D

52Teas said

I just wondered if anyone was reading these. :)

YES I read them, always want to know what tea magician Anne came up with this time. :D

MrQuackers said

I really liked this post. Graveyard Mist sounds like it might be hauntingly good.

Also, I see reviews of your teas popping up, which is interesting.

Sil select said

I always read the updates! Berried treasure and the unicorn are on my hit list (and i know i’m not a US citizen…but my tea mule is? haha)

52Teas said

Tea Mule works just fine! :)

Arby said

I just wanted to say I always read these, even if I don’t reply. I’m not in the US, but I wanted to let you know you do have 52Teas addicts reading this post every week.

52Teas said

Awesome – thanks!

Sil select said

Yay for root beer tea! Small bday present to myself heh

Babble said

Hey just a suggestion regarding your christmas poll. I want to vote on the teas but I’m not familiar with a lot of the names and a lot are no longer on the website. It would be helpful if you linked the original blog post that you did just so we could get an idea of it.

Just a suggestion for someone more out of the 52Teas loop :)

52Teas said

@Babble – thank you – that is a really good suggestion. I will work on that in the next day or so!

52Teas said

As per @Babble’s request, I have created a page that links to my blog posts about the tea or alternatively – in the cases of the teas that I’ve not yet reblended – I’ve linked to my review of a tea on SororiTea Sisters blog or the Steepster page.

You can check that out here: http://52teas.com/new-page/

Thanks again, @Babble, for the suggestion!

Babble said

No problem. Went and voted on what looks intriguing. Looking forward to seeing the final list.

Sil select said

psssst… what’s going on for last week and this? :)

52Teas said

I’m behind on announcing the teas because the subscription shipment was delayed. The subscriptions will go out tomorrow – and after I am sure that at least a few people have received their subscription boxes, I’ll start announcing teas.

I apologize for the delay – there were a few issues on the family front that held me back – as well as issues with a couple of the teas themselves. I’m now packaging teas and subscription boxes as quickly as I can and getting ready for shipment.

52Teas said

And thank you for checking in, Sil!

Sil select said

totally understand! Glad you’re ok and everything is flowing again :)

Well, I’m grabbing a taster of the Golden Mulberries out of curiosity today as part of my First Ever order from 52Teas, and I meant to add a little note when I paid … but I stopped paying attention in my tea-infused eagerness, and if there was a “notes” box, I swept right past it. Whoops. ;)

Anyway, just tossing you (meaning Anne, in case there’s a chance Amethyst is on this account, not sure how likely that is) a hellooooo from an old Yahoogroups listmate! (And hi to Amethyst, too, for good measure, haha.) I’m super glad to see your tea blends are still circulating and to be able to read your tasty tea reviews. :D

And now I return you to your regularly scheduled drinking and blending of teas…

52Teas said

OH my goodness – how good it is to hear from you! I had been thinking of you just the other day – wondering how things are for you! I think back often to the days of those Yahoo Groups – we had a lot of fun. (All the sudden I feel like an old lady sitting on her rocking chair reminiscing. LOL)

I’m so glad you found me! We’ll have to catch up!

Definitely! My inbox is wide open if you want to switch over to private message. :D

I think about the Olden Golden Days ;) quite a lot, too. I don’t know that I’ve found another community quite like the one we had back then, though I did end up finally joining Steepster sort of like I ended up in your art group from the tea one. Someone posted their tea destash on a totally unrelated discussion board, and looking up reviews of the teas on their list poked me out of my state of waffledom as far as joining the site. Tea still makes the world go ’round…

52Teas said

Tea definitely makes my world go ’round! I will send you an email!

Yay! Reply coming soon!

TreeGal said

Ooh, those both sound really good! (week of 10/10)

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